How are Grey Cup ticket sales looking?

On another site, someone posted a pre-sale code to buy tickets to the Grey Cup at BMO. I tried the code but it did not work for some reason. I did notice comments from other forum members though stating that there were plenty of available seats.

Can anyone confirm this? And can you post screen shot of how many seats appear available on the ticketmaster site? I am both curious and concerned about this if the lack of sales is true.

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Geez, they just went on sale to ssh's of all the clubs on Tues of this week. They don't go on sale to the general public till Monday . BTW the ticketmaster thingy is showing most of the most expensive tickets are gone , I would guessitmate by looking that about 20,000 of the 36,000 are showing as sold .

I am just amazed at people and their expectations when it comes to our little league , do you expect a sellout in the 1st week of sales !!! Like I said Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I have to ask what site are talking about ?? Do they have a axe to grind with the CFL ? Please enlighten us instead of talking in Rhymes ! My last word , Slim thinking ! :twisted:

Prior to the Grey Cup game in BC two years ago, the Grey Cup had sold at prior to or shortly after the regular season began (when tickets were released to the public) the previous 5 seasons I believe - Calgary (2009), Edmonton (2010), Vancouver (2011), Toronto (2012), Regina (2013). T

wo years ago, the Lions and the Grey Cup committee raised the ticket prices to absurd levels and when tickets were finally released to the public in June of that year there were 12-15,000 seats still available. From that point on, they only sold a few thousand seats before they had to resort to selling thousands of tickets at discounts, giveaway thousands more to volunteers and military and were still several thousand short of a sellout.

Flash forward one year. The Bombers and the Grey Cup committee decide to charge the highest average price for seats to a Grey Cup and when seats are made available to the general public there were again over 12,000 seats still available. Barely any movement during the season at which point the organization decides to nix 3000 temporary stands, offer the $100 discount on tickets previously only offered to season ticket holders on a 3-year committment, have Nissan make a bulk purchase of tickets at a huge discount, and giveaway some tickets to organizations and the military to finally reach a sellout of 36,000.

Now we move to the present and it appears the Argos and the Grey Cup committee have not learned from past mistakes. I was finally able to view the available seats with the pre-sale code and I would have to say they are barely 50% sold at this point. Bungle was right regarding the insane ticket prices. At an average of $320 per seat many will choose to stay home.

It will not matter when the tickets go on sale to the general public in a few days. Those who really wanted tickets will have purchased them by this point with the pre-sale code. At best, on Monday and the week following you may see a few thousand seats purchased but the vast majority will remain available right up until October/November as the Grey Cup approaches. At that point, there will probably be 8-10000 seats still available and they only way a legit Grey Cup sellout will still happen at that point is if the Argos make it to the dance.

I say legit because it will be extremely likely at that point we will once again see giveaways, huge discounts and possible bulk purchase by a corporation (ie Tim Hortons in 1996) to fill the seats. These franchises appear to have not learned that greed will only get you so far and that my friends is....

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Good to hear! :thup:

I agree with Mr. Pike. If I was a betting man, I would say 20,000 seats have been sold.

I agree with TLW that the prices are crazy. Hopefully, Tannen-Bell knows what they're doing.

Grey cup tickets are too expensive but society is too expensive peoples get use to this our generation now .

I spoke with an Argo rep last week regarding Grey Cup ticket sales.
I am a Hamilton season seat holder. We had a 11 hour window last Monday to get seats.
It had appeared to me that there were seats being held back. I could see that to be fair to the season seat holders across the country.
He told me that the League owns the first 10 rows on the upper deck for families, friends, executive, etc.
He said the tickets missing in the lower bowl were genuine sales to Argo fans.
I bought row 11, 2nd deck, center field, team side.
The Argo fan site ( has some people complaining about pricing, saying the Grey Cup costs as much as a season ticket.
I can't believe the lower bowl was sold to Argo season seat holders when those same seats have been available for each game at BMO this year.
I am guessing we may see some of those lower bowl seats magically appear sometime soon.
The Argos rep also told me that instead of last Tuesday when the seats were going to be available to the general public, they decided to hold off until Monday Aug 15 citing that many of their seat holders were on vacation or at the cottage and had not had a chance to purchase seats yet. Just reading between the lines here, but they've had plenty of time to purchase seats and one might suggest that actual ticket sales are much exaggerated on the seating chart that reality will reveal.
In any case, I'm looking forward to a great time in November cheering on my Cats.

"Fifty percent of the tickets are under $300, a quarter of them are under $200,? said Sara Moore, the Argos’ senior vice-president and COO of the 2016 Grey Cup.

“Our average ticket price is just over $300. We think, for Toronto, pricing that’s just about right.

“It’s a championship game,? she added. “I’m not worried about (sales) at all.?

Last year, in football-crazy Winnipeg, they worried about sales. The average ticket price was $285 for a Grey Cup seat.

In Winnipeg, where they’ve paid for years for terrible football, selling the Grey Cup wasn’t easy at all.

Two years before, in football-nutty Regina, the average Grey Cup ticket was also $285.

Regina pays for anything that is football. Toronto is being asked to pay just a little bit more now.

The average price now: Just more than $300 a seat."

[url=] ... in-toronto[/url]

Not sure if you feel good about the sales or not. Your post started off positive but shifted to the dark side.

Smarter people than me run the Grey Cup and Argos so I'm going to assume they know what they are doing. Having said that, I still feel the prices are outrageous/dangerously high.

Kevin , you keep reiterating this theme , so I must ask , high compared to what other proffessional championship playoff game?............. please enlighten me because all things are high these days , how much would you be willing to pay for a one game championship game with a 100 plus year tradition if it was important to you and dear and dear to your heart ?

Aye Mr.P...

I have no basis other than the sticker shock I felt when I saw the prices. To me, they seemed high. Very high. It felt like Tannen-Bell was trying to recapture all possible annual losses in one fell swoop. But, keep in mind, I am a cheap guy so my own biases are at play.

I’ll wait until tomorrow to see the map once the general sale is up but if most of the expensive seats are gone then it’s a good sign.

My question is there enough of the casual interest at the price point for a fast sell.

Considering in this market there’s lots of high price inventory with the World Cup of Hockey, World Jrs. and the Centennial Classic.

Even with a market with large corporations base, that’s allot of pricey events in short span of time.

Kevin , with all due respect , you are a very money orientated guy , your posts indicate that . I suspect you worry a lot about such things .
I worry about such things as well, I suspect we all do , I enjoy CFL football a LOT and I enjoy going to games a LOT , and once in a while I really enjoy going to a G.C . Yes it costs a bit of coin but the memories and partys and the spectacular people you meet from across this country makes it a barrel of fun and the money at the end of the day is to have fun with and its just money . So , if one can afford it and if one enjoys it , then why not live a little once in a while cause we ain't getting any younger and we are dead a long time and we sure as hell can't take it with us . Cheers

Yup. I wonder what the World Cup of Hockey ticket sales have been like. I, for one, will NOT be watching.

I can’t fault you for being honest… and accurate. I find it difficult to spend. It’s too bad. I wish I could.

The presale starts Tuesday for the World Cup of Hockey. It will probably do OK because of all the corporate-type Leafs season ticket holders who will likely buy them. Mind you it will be competing with another September Jays juggernaut as they will likely sellout almost every home game the rest of the way. They passed the 2.5 million mark today 47,000+ sellout. Heck - even the 50-50 draw jackpot topped $100,000 today at their game.

It does make it a bit of a tough marketplace even for the Grey Cup this year - at least for early ticket sales.

Just what we need is more hockey ! :roll: I won't be watching either, Kevin.

Got 4 seats in upper deck, 9 rows up. Costs about $420 each, but like an earlier post stated, it's about the party and meeting people from all over the country.

Good for you, O. :thup: