How are beer and concessions working? Prepaid cards only?

I've heard no cash or credit only prepaid cards.

100% cashless stadium for both concessions and retail operations. All POS systems will be equipped to assist fans with Credit, Debit and gift cards, removing the need for cash transactions.

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This kind of spin pisses me off so much. The correct text is "removing the convenience, flexibility, and privacy of cash transactions."


What is this “cash” you speak of??:thinking:

how else are we suppose to slip a fin into someones tin cup? not joking

the right to use cash should be entrenched in the charter or constitution or what ever we call it in Canada.

as for covid, just sanitized your hands after handling cash

Will the debit/credit machines be sanitized after each use ?

Yes. They anticipate over half the transactions are tap now.

or add the debit or credit to your wallet on your phone. Don't think you have to handle a machine

Then you haven't heard much whining! There's a lot more useless, like whining about other peoples whining!

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Says the guy who calls himself "rider" as in Roughriders . So how many games at THF are you planning to attend this year there Rider fan ?

They might as well close down all the other teams forums since it's apparent that nobody posts in them . Everybody regardless of team they cheer for seem to always be posting in our forum as of late . I tell ya what , you want to go and talk about whining go and find some other place to talk about it .

I only carry cash for when I CAN'T use my debit card...

So you don't know how they're working?

The problem with relying too much on data for currency is that it doesn't like to work sometimes when you need it . Whether it's the bank itself , wifi , phone or whatever .......

A system at a stadium that doesn't always get adequate use for some time may have troubles .

Cash always works .

It maybe the dirtiest thing to handle but you should clean your hands cash or no cash before eating .


They already stated that THF will be cashless

I use my debit card in Google Pay on my phone to pay for everything anywhere I go, and have never once had an issue. I rarely ever have cash on me, and am annoyed when I need it.

You simply need a phone with NFC.


I’m all for cashless in today’s environment. But I have had first hand experience with my Apple Wallet being compromised (according to Visa anyway) so I’ve taken all information out of the app and stopped using it. I still use contactless debit & credit cards. Rarely have cash on hand and no issues so far spending money😆

Google Pay has proven to be far more universal and secure than any other option out there. You can use it on iPhones also. It will actually be linked with your bank directly, and not Google. Google Pay is simply the delivery system, and it's rock solid. You should try it out.

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:sunglasses: Anybody that leaves their house with out at least $100 cash in their pocket, needs their head examined !!!

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thank you but I have already had my head examined.

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Do you mean in their Apple wallet?
You could go the stadium with $100 in cash and ask someone that has an Iphone to take your $100 and buy you 7 or 8 beers through their Apple wallet.