How about those Bombers!

Yep did not disappoint me one bit! That improved offensive line really helped tonight get the Als to be leaders in sacks. But hey they did play good and made Montreal to adjust to win the game. 24 unanswered points in the second half Yikes! Oh well it is the first game and I am sure the bombers will get better. They are improved for sure.

5 sacks, 2 int's by kevin glenn tells it all. They're defense is improved quite significantly from last year, however.

Yes the defense is improved but usually this time of the year defenses seem to be more reliable then the offenses with a team that has had lots of changes. Remember to that the Als had 7 starters out of the line up. But I am sure the Bombers will improve over the season but it will take time.


Youre so cruel. lol

Sounds like it was a pretty close game up until
the int. by Glenn. Mistakes will cost you against
a veteran qb like Calvillo.

Yeah, I thought they were going to win their for a sec, which would have been a good start to the season, but no matter, their is always next week.

Now they have to figure out what went wrong in the second half, fix it and should beat TO in week 2.

I agree. :thup:

Thanks HT!

I am now in agreement completely that we need a new QB as well, or Glenn has to get better, and not choke at the end. We need to learn what is illegal to do in a game as penalties killed the bombers as well.

Wow where are you coming from? The guy played not bad and you want to turf him. Where is T Martin? Pull the hook out by labor day if he has not played better but after one game and you call yourself a bomber fan! Piggy talk to this fella will you. :lol:

Plus those 2 INTs to Cox were extremely costly to the Bombers chances of staying/getting back into the game.

the bombers o-line seemed to watch strickland go for back-to-back sacks, without even trying to stop him.

oh well...the bombers showed improvements, but the als showed why they've been one of the most dominant teams of the last 10 years...they dont quit.

It is amazing watching the transition of those changes through out the game. Good coaching!

5 sacks! WOW! And people are concerned about the Esks O-line.

Everything else went good, well despite the O-line's blunders.....I'll see how Glenn does on next friday before I completely condemn him :wink:

I'm in favor of starting Quinn next game.

Our boys took way to many stupid penalties, sure the Als adjusted...we gave them to many extra downs. Glenn does have to prove himself in tight games...the secondary played great...things are looking up ...Go Bombers..

I agree Canada played stupid tonight but the DB's did not show their age! They were the silver lining in tonights game. But the Als did make adjustments and that was apparent!

I thought the Bombers deserved a better fate than to lose that game… they totally collapsed in the 4th, those INTs were the difference. I thought it was a poor decision for Glenn to throw the ball on the 2nd INT, it looked like he could have ran for some good yardage. Even if he didnt get a lot of yards, they still would have had the football, and maybe a different result.

just wait till they play the guessing on 8 sacks at least...montreal's blitzes are like picture perfect..they know exactly what there doin when the bring the heat

Actually, for three quarters Winnipeg was the better team. Glenn was poised and confident, and was outplaying Calvillo. Your secondary was excellent, Samuels and Malbrough in particular. Roof fell in on you in the 4th quarter, but you guys have nothing to be ashamed about. Great start to the season, especially when you consider what you looked like at the start of last season.

Glenn looked excellent for 3/4 of the game. Cut the guy some slack; sure he threw 2 interceptions when the game was on the line, but on the other hand any QB who gets sacked 6 times is going to rush things when he shouldn't....your line has to shoulder some responsibility here.

Now, to the poster who said Quinn should start the next game.......I assume, correct me if I am wrong, that this is the same Mike Quinn who went SIX FOR TWENTY THREE in the last exhibition game?? That's an upgrade on Kevin Glenn just how, exactly??