How about this idea...

Play the Vanier cup the Saturday before the Grey Cup, in the same venue, and sell a platinum grey cup tix or something like that that would get them into both events.

Would this work?

no thanks, that's during the CFL playoffs, better to have it after the Grey Cup, and in a different place to seread the love.

what about the Canadian Bowl?

....what the heck is the 'canadian bowl'?....

.....I don't mind the idea of the Vanier being played as a lead up to the GC, certainly the crowd and TV coverage would be there....... [url=] ... all_League[/url]

The Canadian Junior Football League is a national amateur Canadian football league consisting of 20 teams playing in six provinces across Canada. The teams compete annually for the Canadian Bowl.

Weekend double header. That could be interesting

....jeez I didn't know that Kanga, thanks....

your very welcome :wink:

(saying to himself: "now I just wish he restore all the Kanga-Kucha posts he erased for no reason"), can't do that, that was an order from the highest level...

can we talk via pm about that?

Cool idea. If they marketed that idea it would get a lot of exposure and maybe help the league grow in popularity.

Newsflash, Drexl, the Argos are already doing that for 2007. They're selling Platinum, Gold, and Crimson class ducats for the weekend where not only do you get in for the Grey Cup, but the Vanier Cup tilt the day/night before.