How about this idea for Corey Holmes?

Coaching staff still cant seem to figure out what to do with this talented palyer. I think alot of Archie Amerson in this situation. Amerson actually started as a running back but with a power running back like Ronald Williams and then Troy Davis, Lancaster was able to use Amerson as a slotback who would provide Danny McManus with a powerful weapon who could cut across the middle for a 7 yrd reception and continue with a 7 yard run. How many times have we seen that work. The point is, they found room for this great talent in Archie.

I would love to see Corey Holmes used in this manner, or is it not that simple? Maybe there isn't the room to do this?

I think you have the answer right there. I am sure it is more complex than that, but who do you sit down to make room for Holmes to play the slot? Nate Curry or Brock Ralph?

It isn't going to be Brock Ralph due to his speed and his passport, and how do you tell Nate Curry he loses his starting job after last week and the entire season of practising with the first team offense?

And what compounds the problem even more is that Lumsden is playing fantastically. And I am sure it is helped by having that monster/6th offensive lineman Kori Dickerson in the backfield with him.

So where does Holmes fit in? Well, I would say his work with the special teams is invaluable, and with an 18 game regular season, I am sure his time will come. What you have to respect is his dedication to the team. You only hear great things about Corey Holmes on and off the field.

  • paul

Corey Holmes has been a great slotback in this league before. No biggie here. The question is whether they want to use him at this point.

Oski Wee Wee,

Move Ralph to WR (pretty hard to go Offside there) and that open up the SB position. We could potentially have 2 starting Canadian WR...