How about these free agents..?

I have a list of some free agents that some of you may have forgotten about . If you had to put one team beside each player what team would it be considering the player can make the team a better football club

Gerald Dixon DB
Eric England DL
Clifford Ivory DB
R.Jay Soward WR
Antonious Bonner LB/DB
Jackie Mitchell LB
James Cotton DL
John Grace LB
Terry Vaughn WR
Jerome Davis OL

Correct me if any of these players have been signed already by a team. Once again just wondering where you think each player will end up?

I think the bell has rung for most of these players because of age. However, they would have been useful players for an Ottawa team to start up this year.
Mitchell, Grace and England would be an upgrade for Hamilton if the price was right.

I would love to see Vaughn back in Montreal.

Grace, Cotton, England and Ivory are still good players. Cost and age caught up with them. What ever team they sign with will get a good deal IMO if the price was right.

With the salary cap in place, there may not be a signing frenzy, could be a non event!