How about these free agents ..?

I have a list of some free agents that some of you may have forgotten about . If you had to put one team beside each player what team would it be considering the player can make the team a better football club

Gerald Dixon DB
Eric England DL
Clifford Ivory DB
R.Jay Soward WR
Antonious Bonner LB/DB
Jackie Mitchell LB
James Cotton DL
John Grace LB
Terry Vaughn WR
Jerome Davis OL

Correct me if any of these players have been signed already by a team. Once again just wondering where you think each player will end up?

I think Bonner and Ivory already re-signed with the argos.... ditto for soward... although i could be wrong... (one might say i'm

You could be right about Bonner but i am 95% sure Ivory is still a free agent

lets find out

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none of the three are on the list.

guess you were right after all

December 19 IMP Released Clifford Ivory, DB, Troy University
December 15 IMP Released Antonious Bonner, LB, Mississippi
December 15 IMP Released Eric England, DE, Texas A&M
December 15 IMP Released R. Jay Soward, WR, USC

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My guess is Eric England would best fit the ticats . They need some help with the releases of James Cotton and Tim Cheatwood. Then after that would come Ivory to play wideside corner ...two words BALL HAWK. The only bad thing is they both swallow up alot of cash.

Ivory just doesnt have the speed to play corner anymore. He's getting way too long in the tooth and not worth any significant investment.

better off finding our own guys (how much are we spending on scouting again?) and giving them a year to learn and get it right.... or we could instigate some sort of miracle and have Goss come back at which point all our DB troubles would be over...

R. Jay Soward might be head cause.
He is still a Good WR
I like to see us pick him up
have his Contract have a Conduct Claws
When It cost a player money it behave

No headcases, we’re free of the stink of Craig Yeast, let’s keep it that way.

John Grace is the only player I see as a fit with us, the rest, well, I don’t care where they go.

What about Stanford Samuels? Anyone think we could use him considering our DB's are lacking the "Ball Hawking" abillity to make the key play at the right time to give our offence the boost they needed last season. But if he already re-signed please forgive me I've been away for a awile and I just saw the topic and thought he would be a Huge signing for us.

Malbrough and Samuels are both FAs and would instantly help any secondary in the league.

Stanford Samuels would definately help out instantly and would really go well with Tay Cody On the other side of the field.

i think england fits best with the cats and should be signed by us.

I know that Ivory would love to come back to hamilton. I think he's got a couple good years left in him.
Pseudo - he doesn't play corner he's a halfback. He'd be a nice fit if Goss didn't return.
We have a lot of young players in the secondary as well. It would be nice to have another veteran back there to help those guys out. Also could move him to safety if Shaw goes down?