Montreal here we come, better be ready to face us in the east final :rockin: :twisted: :cowboy: Almost blew it, but we got through this game. Hopefully we can tighten up our coverage when we do the allout blitz though. And how about Cobbs? 36 yards HAHAHAHA. Lets go to the cup and make it rain on cowtown in two weeks.

SWEET! Good job overall. I knew it would be a close game but I didn’t think it would go to OT. I take back my doubts on Smart - the guy did great. Johnson played really well to.

Look out Montreal!

HERE WE COME MONREAL! im pumped on life!

How bout dem Lions. Love this team. They came to play today. They have a shot against the Als I say.

They do have a shot for sure! We have proven we can beat, or keep it close with the als.

As I stated in another thread, I knew it would be closed, decided in the last minute but if you tol dme OT, I'd never believe you. what an amazing game! The Cats played great but, thankfully for us, not great enough.
I can't wait til next week!


Yes sir! :rockin:

Get ready, the Lions are comin`...

Hey Lions Fans,

Great game today. You turned your season around when it appeared you were down and out around mid season. I was at Ivor Wynne today cheering harder than ever for my TiCats but it was not to be. It was the most exciting game I've ever been to though. I had yet to find one that topped the '98 Eastern Final for game day experience, until today. What a show.

Congrats on your win. Damn, I wish we could've lost to the Bombers last week :wink: . Good luck in Montreal. I hope you paste them. I can't stand the way the league falls all over the Als. The way Printers is playing you'll always be in the game.

very noble of you, very close game, congrats to your good season this year. And with the TI Cat coaching staff solidified looks like a possible east powerhouse very soon especially if AC hangs'em up in montreal and Ottawa comes back hopefully.

i would like to point out that the annoying trolling cats fans are not gonna be around anymore...they know who they are :stuck_out_tongue: good job lions

Benevides better have a good long talk with Darren Toney, he just seems to get beat bad at the absolute worst times in the games, including Stala's two touchdowns, touchdowns in the last two rider games, the stamps games touchdowns, and basically most messed up coverages on the slotbacks of opposing teams :expressionless: .

Oh Baby!!!!

What a game, what a finish!! I think the better team on the day won in the end but that Hamilton team showed they have quite the fight in them to come back like that. That was close.

Hey Montreal....knock knock