How about the other Lumsden?

Does it seem strange to anyone that with all the money Young has invested in this team (big thanks for that!) that the product on the field is terrible? And that right here, about 20 minutes from Ivor Wynne, lives a guy who was able to turn a down-in-the-dumps team with pennies in their pockets into a Grey Cup winner? Any phone calls been made by head office?

Now that Jesse is down in the NFL (and staying…!!!) doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that the other Lumsden’s name hasn’t come up as someone who could help to salvage this team? I mean seriously, considering what he did with a virtual deficit of a budget, imagine what he could produce with some bucks behind him…

Just a thought…

who cares

I'm lumsden'd out. seriously outside hamilton the name is virtually unknown. lets take a break and when jesse gets back to hamilton on labour day you can resume your hail to the lumsden family.

Sounds like someone’s a little pouty that he and his offspring (or future offspring) WATCH football rather than PLAY football… :wink:
Seriously, if you knew the Lumsden family you’d be wishing you were invited to their family BBQ too…

i ve read this twice and its hard to make sense of it. one thing i do get from it is an understanding why your head is so far up their *&^ . have fun at the lumsden bbq brown noser and make sure you tell the lumsdens you were posting good about them on the site. maybe you can get a free steak.

Wow…was just kidding around…sorry, didn’t mean to upset anyone!
Sense of humour now in check…

Don't let playmaker88 get to you. He has quickly emerged as the most small-minded, hate-spewing member of this website. If he is not soon banned, then I'm afraid we have sunk to an "anything goes" mode and things will only get worse.

Welcome to the site claire! We need more humour and less vitriol. (excuse the fancy word - just trying to write in language that pm88 won't understand)

??? who is playmaker88 ???

i am- the undisputed, undeafeated, heavyweight champion of the world. Im smart, sexy, and smooth.

by the way i was joking too. isnt it fun to joke??

i should be Qb of the ticats, i would run a shotgun- spread , no-huddle offense, and give the ball to ranek, flick, and holmes 80% of the time.

And what was started as an actual question in the initial post is lost to the battle of witty (???) banter...chuckles abound.

i think because no one is interested in it but dont take it personally....remember i m joking.

You mean you're joking now that your bluff(s( have been called) .
You're so full of s**t, your eyes must be brown!