How about that Lions Fans!

Not sure about that TJHEDJ. While it’s true a playoff spot will not be an incentive for Winnipeg to give that little extra there is still plenty of other reasons. Let me give you six:

  1. Their jobs for next year. No job in the CFL is secure and the players know this. They could be gone tomorrow. If you were a coach and you saw some of your players [ even veterans] on cruise control would you be impressed? I wouldn’t and I’d let them know real quick. I’d be making notes so I can look at them next year.
    2 Players who are starters want to keep it that way cause they know there are guys who would love to take their job away from them.
  2. Personal bests: sacks, pass completions, interceptions, rushing. The better you are the more secure and more marketable you become
  3. Personal pride. No one wants another team of players to rub it in their faces by walking all over them
  4. For the fans, regardless of which stadium they’re in. They’re being paid to entertain. It is a business. Playoffs are only there to maintain interest.
  5. Continue building for next year. It sounds lame I know but that is what Winnipeg will be doing for next year. They may put in some second stringers, not to keep the first stringers healthy, but to give the back ups a chance to show what they’ve got.

I’m sure Winnipeg will give it their all.

Well we know Winnipeg is out for sure. Since there won’t be a cross over this year I’ll predict Hamilton over Toronto in the eastern semi. I’ll also predict Hamilton over Montreal. So…It’s Hamilton in the east for the Grey cup game.

Though Edmonton beat Saskatchewan handily and with the number two [or is he number three] QB I think Saskatchewan will prevail the next time they meet.

The Lions are capable of knocking off Hamilton in the regular season and even Saskatchewan. Can they win both games? If the game we just saw against Calgary was not a mirage then the Lions will face Saskatchewan in the semi. Can they realistically beat them when everything is on the line in the semi? That’s a tough one to call. I think Calgary will be in the Grey Cup.

Now just watch…it will be a B.C./ Toronto Grey Cup in Edmonton! lol I’m terrible at predictions. :expressionless: