How About Stalla?

Has your GM inquired about the availability of Montreal WR (& local boy) Dave Stalla who seems to have fallen out of favour in Montreal?

He would bolster your receiving core & may come at a reasonable price since he sees limited playing time.

Perhaps his ankles have fallen out of favour because that is why he was placed on the inactive list. :wink:

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Not sure how far the dissatisfaction goes...I think he had a so-so preseason and his ankles haven't responded too well.

Desriveaux looked pretty good on Saturday.

If Stala becomes available, he would definitely be someone I'd try to obtain. He grew up a huge Ticat fan growing up in Steeltown. I had the pleasure of talking to him at an Als function last season and he's an impressive guy to meet. A hard worker on the field.

Oski Wee Wee,

We Want Dave" Sticky" Stalla

id bring him in because he can kick so why not just incase but i wouldnt trade for him

thats awesome! I forget what we were talking about.

I heard Stalla is on the inactive list.

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