How about show of support for Renegade Nation

With all that the beleagured fans of the Renegades have had to put up with, I think it would be a good idea for a nationwide show of support.

Regardless of whether you think football is viable there, whether Ottawa "deserves" a team, whether League screwed up by allowing Gliebs back in, put that aside for tme being.

There's lots you can do.

PM a Gades' fan and say you're behind them.

Send an email to the commish ( outlining disgust as to how this situation reached the point it has, remind him of many reasons why Gades' folding w/b League-wide black eye etc.

Contact your team's governor/owner and voice your opinion about whole affair.

Write letter to editor of your local paper(s).

Bring it up on sports talk radio shows.

If you frequent CFL or another team's fan site (, lionbackers, gostampsgo etc) post a similar message asking for show of support.

I'm sure there's a lot of other ways to accomplish this.

And for those who wonder, "Why bother?" I've got a simple answer.

If you know your CFL history, you know damned well you could substitute Gades for the name of your team. Now it's Gades, 3 years ago it was Argos and Cats, 10 yrs ago Als and Lions (and Ottawa) late 80s, Cgy and BC.

IOW: It's not a good idea to be too smug here. It could very well be your team next time.

So a little lovin' to Gades fans and demonstration of support or criticism directed to League would be nice gesture.

Steve O'Brien

We can also show our support by actually taking in a Rens game. Im going to make sure I go to a game or two in Ottawa this year if they stay. Nothin like speaking with your cash!

Also, your right saying it can happen to anyone. was watching espn classic game between stamps and eskies from 1987 where the announcers stated that the players for the esks all had to take a 10% pay cut because of financial diffiulties.

Awesome points Steve. Great post ... I'm in full agreement, get the word out that no one wants this team to fold, or even move. Public pressure can do a lot, so let's help out the Renegades as much as possible.

nooch5, we should make a thread “What have you done for the Renegades?”. Then everyone who’d make something to help the team (different than cheering from your own living room) would post it there. At the end of the summer, we’d see just how many people really bothered doing something to save the team (among our own small population, of course). Past accomplishments (i.e. “I bought season tickets last year”) don’t count.

That's a good idea TNT. We can all do our part on our own but no one will notice. A show of solidarity among the fans here is the least we can do to help.

[quote="Esquimaux"] I plan on buying a pair of season tickets as soon as I know for sure the team is in this year. There must be some other CFL fans across the country who could do the same. Ottawa is a good CFL city if it gets some good management in place.

OTTAWA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE RED AND GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GADES GO!!!

Black and red! For crying out loud, Kanga, they were red and gold for like two years. Their history is black and red.

Although Big Dave....Red is an appropriate colour.........Red Ink, In the Red...etc etc etc......

Note to all Renegade fans: The team MUST be saved. I fully support whatever means are necessary for the CFL to ensure that the team survives.
No CFL football in Ottawa is just simply a bad idea. Ottawa fans......the ball is mostly in your hands. Please support your team. If the main support doesn't come from within their own city, support from other places won't matter. If you do support from within your own city, then our support will help.

Renegades Rock!!

Renegades Rock for sure but if they don’t rock this year, I’m still going to have a great time at Cats games.
Nothing that happens or doesn’t happen in our nations capital will affect how much I enjoy myself at CFL games here in Hamilton!!!



Sorry, Kanga, Calgary is red and white. I don't know why they added a black jersey to their wardrobe...I guess 'cause they thought the Ticats looked BITCHIN'!

the colors of the CFL teams SHOULD be (if they haven't been) as follows

Lions: Orange and Black
Calgary: Red and Black
Edmonton: Green and Gold
Saskatchewan: Green and Black
Winnipeg: Blue and Gold
Ottawa: Red and Gold
Toronto: Double Blue
Hamilton: Gold and Black
Montreal: Red and Blue
Atlantic: Blue and Black

White is away color for ALL teams, and is neutral

West: Green and White
East: Blue and White
League: Red and White

of course this "system" will die if more teams are added, but that how the CFL seems to go right now.

You just keep right on thinking that, Kanga. I'm sure those teams will change their colours to suit you, right after the CFL adopts the Action Point.

as long as this thread has already been Kangaed, I'll say that I wish the Esks went back to their deadly dark dark green (almost back) and deep gold look they had in the days of Parker, Kwong, etc etc. That would have been an appropriate 3rd jersey last year but instead they went with the pea soup puke, and they also wouldnt look just like the packers anymore.

You're did we get this far off topic?

Oh yeah...Kanga...

Sorry Kanga, the colours of the CFL teams SHOULD be:

BC: Orange and black
Calgary: Red and White
Edmonton: Green and gold
Sask: Green and white
Winnipeg: Blue and Gold
Toronto: Dark blue and light blue
Hamilton: Black and yellow
Ottawa: Black and red
Montreal: Red and blue

as they ARE and generally have been for the past who-knows-how-many-years (at least 40 ... you seem to like CFL history, you should know this!)

Just because you want Ottawa to wear red and gold doesn't mean they're going to!

PS: I'm still behind you all the way, Renegades! I'm still praying that you find a new, competent, fully committed owner.

The Coach Scott Taylor spoke to David Asper today and asked him if he was interested in buying the gades........Asper would love nothing better than to own a CFL team, but he feels the community spirit in Ottawa is dead........this seems to be a common theme among potential buyers........I dont know what has to happen in Ottawa to attract decent ownership but perhaps its time for the fans in Ottawa to stop pointing the finger at the Gliebermans and Chens of the world.........

You're on crack... how can we average 18-22,000 fans per game without a winning season in 27 years and you blame it on the fans??? Mismanagement, and crappy ownership has killed the franchise. Asper is just plain wrong about the "community spirit." There is a lot of spirit in Ottawa to support a team for 27 years and not win.