How About Nate Davis or Haywood in Hamilton?

How about the Ti-Cats bring in Nate Davis released by Sask recently or Jerome Haywood released by Montreal.

I believe either player would be a nice addition to the defence for the upcoming season. What do you think??

Also, is Troy Davis still available? If he is, it would be very interesting to have a backfield of Holmes, Lumsden, Davis, Radelin, Davis & company (sounds like a law firm)??

Yes because with a Salary Cap, bringing in Troy Davis when we're stacked a running-back is the most brilliant idea ever.

I like Troy Davis a lot, he's a hard-nosed player who always gives 100%. However, I would not bring in Troy Davis, or any other player for that matter, for the sake of "having him retire as a Ticat", or because "he would look good in black and gold", or because of what he did in years gone by, in Hamilton or elsewhere.

There is a salary cap system in place, and the club's goal is to assemble the best team possible for the upcoming season and the years ahead within the budget permitted. Bringing back former players, however good they were three or four years ago, and however fondly remembered by the fans here, is not the best way to do that in my opinion.

Nate Davis is a "stud". We could use him at the tackle position replacing Devonte Peterson.

Haywood reminds me of Ronnie Glanton (from a size perspective) who played with the Cats in the late 80's ... too small in my opinion to play the line.