How about Jermaine Copeland...?

I know I know, we are stacked with receivers and Thurmon will be back soon. But, it is the Grey Cup year in Montreal. How about bringing back Jermaine for old times sake. Imagine a receiver core of Copeland, Cahoon, Watkins and have a mix between Richardson, Bratton, Thurmon, Desriveaux and maybe release Deslauriers to make room for Copeland. Just a idea what do you guys think?


And it's receiving corps, not core.

Receiver is a position of strength for us. Our offense is enjoying a resurgence. There is no need to bring Copeland back.

We dont need him and getting him back would cost us someone in return....

Just for interest I recall that Calvillo was awarded as the player of the game in the Als grey cup win in 2002. I thought that Calvillo did not have a very impressive game. Copeland was catching a lot of balls that day and near the end of the game when the opposing team tried to recover a short kickoff Copeland grabbed the ball and ran quite a way [ I'm not sure if he got a TD or not] and iced the game for the Als. I felt that Copeland should have been awarded the player of the game instead of Calvillo and should have got the $10 000. Copeland wanted more money and went to Calgary. For a few years the Als did not have anyone of Copeland's status. That was a while ago and Copeland might be slowing down a step now.

Not mention all his drops yesterday......

Cope did score a TD on that kickoff return. But, he did not leave the Als until 2 seasons later.