How about JC folks?

Just thought a thread to congratulate Jason Clermont on his first TD as a Rider was in order. Not only a TRUE professional but a team player. To have a veteran like him to fill in with an injured Bagg, awesome. Congrats JC and thanks for sticking with the Riders when a lot of players would have moved elsewhere!

I was stunned when I heard it was his first with the club. I know he is underutilized, but this shocked me.

LOL at first I thought this was a prayer thread LOL

took me a second to realise it was about Clermont!

Ha! Funny Hit-em.

Yeah, I knew it was Clermont's first TD as a Rider. I told this to my bro beside when the cheering quieted down, he couldn't flippin' believe it either.

Both Clermont and Dressler were in a zone during the game, I don't think the first or even second tackler got either of them. It was weird seeing Dressler carry guys and break tackles, I guess he's making up for last year.

Ha, didn't think of that when I wrote it. Though it did feel like the second coming of JC, when Jason scored the TD, that we all were praying would happen. JC, fate...

I didn't think the big man's son played for the Rider's, that's awesome :wink: :lol:

Seriously though, what a great moment for Clermont.Scoring the OT winner for your hometown team, at home, and in the playoffs.Congrats Jason! :thup:

JC is my favorite Rider receiver. I believe he has the best hands, and Koch MIGHT be in the running (to early to tell). I was stunned...couldn't believe it was his 1st TD in Green. JC will be 33 next year...that might mean he only has a few more big impact years remaining. I also believe he is a FA. I loved seeing him dress as a true starter, in on most plays, getting thrown to, but the whole time, even sitting in the stands, it was in the back of my head...did he get this because they know it was his last home game as a Rider? Was this his last home game period? I sure hope not, but the thought was definitely there.

To have a veteran on the roster ready to step at a moments notice, is huge. Salary cap is always an issue but I doubt if he is paid as much as the others. I know he keeps himself in tip top shape, and with only limited playing time, he should be able to squeeze out a few more years. Hope so. I hit the roof when I was that he was going to score the TD! Congrats again JC. :rockin:

“Hey-sanna, Ho-sanna, sanna-sanna Ho-sanna Hey-sanna Ho-sanna…!!!
Hey JC, JC, you’re alright by me, sanna-Ho-sanna Hey, superstar!!”
:rockin: 8) :wink:

I can not remember the exact price tag he signed for, but it was actually stated. I know this is unusual in the CFL, which is why I remember it was higher. I know it was 6fig...that is a big salary in the CFL.

Really, hmmm. Well that will make things interesting if there are a lot of contracts up. Comes down to how they want to use him and if he fits in compared to other players and their salaries. Dorsey, maybe gone so free up some salary there. A bump in the cap would be nice if the recent reports/blogs about how much improved the money situation has become for a lot of the teams.

Ha, ha, that’s good. I think I’m picking up what you are laying down. JC Superstar? A bit before my time, but I’ve seen it once a long time ago. I’ll take all the help we can get after last year. :lol:

Clermont renegotiated his contract after last season, probably because he would have got cut otherwise, for a lot less then what he signed for originally. No clue if he extended it at all, but I know he is no longer in the 6 figures. Good move by Taman.

There's a comment we won't see or hear very often.

I don't think there is anything he can ever do to appease some people, the guy has only had the job for what, 10 months?
I think he has done quite a few good things. Bringing in Johnson when Sakoda wasn't doing good. Koch is a Taman find I believe. Shomari is turning into a good player, whether he was worth what we gave up is still to be determined. Other than Dorsey and Prechae I think he has done a pretty good job this year, and I think it was more to do with Daley than Dorsey sucking. And Prechae, well, he just didn't pan out.
Him not firing coaches, is more to do with Miller than Taman.

I guess I just wish people would let him do his job, he was hated by some before he even started.

I have to agree. Like I have said, we also do not know what/if Miller has been using his veto on with Tanam.
I do not believe that Tanam is as good as Miller, but few are. This off season will be a better indicator. Should Miller step down, I think that whomever Tanam name his successor will play a significant role in how I and most other feel about him.

YOU GUYS TOOK OUR JC :frowning:. Use to be my second favorite receiver, but now simon and arceneaux all the way :wink:

We took nothing. Wally cut him.

Yep, can't argue with that.... :thup: :thup: