HOW ABOUT DaVoN Fowlkes!?

Another prospect out of Appalachian State doing it big to break the home touchdown "slump" running a punt back untouched.

Next up: QB, #17 Richie Williams

but Maas actually handled himself in parts of the game for the first time in 10 games.

still...season is gone

That guy almost gave me a heart attack and cost me my voice. :smiley: Very exciting to watch. He got some great blocks and made some holes of his own. Great job. I hope to see more play like that from him!!

I was impressed with his quick feet ,strong running ,glad he had success ,what a thrill the first touch down in alot of games was and by Folkes!!!

The kid looked great, what a breath of fresh air for you guys, Congrats on the win, your defence is coming along very nicely.

Memo to Willie Quinnie:

That is how you return punts and kick-offs.

Quinnie who? Kahlil what? Its all about "De Fowlkes Wagon" baby!
He sure as hell brought some life back into the game
Bye bye Quinnie

I'd still like to see Williams over a half or so.

Now, that would be a first!!! :wink:

he's just doing his job...

yeah a job that hasnt been done since...oh...the beginning of the season.

Some Fowlkes trivia, after just one game:

  • ranks 12th in the league in punt return yards, with 111

  • ranks 16th in the league in kickoff return yards ... also with 111

Coincidence? Well, yes.