How about Danny Mac Tonight

Danny is making Rob Black look Good..

He is a great Colour Guy..

I think once Danny has a few more games under him he will Rock !!! He still sounds a little nervous, but with his work ethic he will be awsome. I am happy he is with TSN had he gone to CBC he would have gotten lost, although it would have been great to replace Walby.( He drives me nuts)

WTG Danny, I am very happy for you !!!! Keep up the great work and do us proud.

He seemed to stutter abit, but alot better then NHL broadcasters :smiley:

I think he'll be a good one.

I thought he threw some good comments and had a well balanced attack,he shows promise ,good rookie performance ...

D-Mac was great! A good colour commentator is always refreshing!

lol Onknight.....about halfway through the game, I mentioned to my husband how, with the presence of Danny, Black seemed smarter than last year.....

Uh, guys we all like Danny Mac (well, most of us), but he has been very weak thus far. Some of his babbling brought back memories of Walby's first year in the booth.

Darren Flutie was much more polished and insightful.

Darren also has Worked only for the CBC..
Danny is better the Leaf was last year on TSN.