How about coach SAL for O-Line coach?

I felt when he came in to help coach Lancaster after coach Marshall was fired along with some of the staff the o-line seemed to perform better even if they where over matched.

Interested to hear thought's from others?

I'd love to see it.

Best O Line coach that has been around here for some time.

Major improvement was notice the last time he took over.

Bleamer is awful. Has to be. The talent itself truly can't be as bad as it appears.

no matter how good of coach you have, you still need talent

dyakowski is completely lost out there losing your man and letting him to right to the qb

will sal make a difference? Not too much with what we got up front

The last time the line did a decent job, who was the coach? Need I say more?

Best O-line coach in the league right here in our own back yard. I can't understand why he wasn't the O-line coach this year.
Coach Sal we need you!

Agreed, he is the Blue Jays equiv. to bringing back their old successful retro coaches!