How about a Trade?

Ok Ok, the Bombers need a QB…

How about Stokes & Wynn for Jason Maas…

Let’s see what happens on Friday, If Glenn can’t get it done… What If…

sounds good to me but please throw in peterson too.

Edmonton won't do that trade if Ricky Ray plays like he did last weekend.

I'd love to see Stokes in a Esks uniform and i think Wynn is a great qb, Ray had a off night, he will bounce back against the gades, id love to see that trade, but please, don't send Peterson!

Trade for Maas so he can sit behind Tee and Glenn too?

lolz..dang! I was gonna say that...

I doubt any QB would want to join the Bombers given how they see no talent in Wynn. I know, the QB wouldn't have any choice.

Wynn is pretty good, he used to be he should be starting, but i see how they want to develop Tee for the proposed trade....i dont think so, we got a returner in Tony Tompkins, and Jason Johnson is a 3rd string QB that could be a starter in a few years, and he's we dont really need another QB

I wouldnt be surprised to see a trade between the bombers and the ticats, possibly Canada or A. Young and Wynn to the Cats for one of their top receivers, maybe Archie, Flick or Yeast.

i do not like the sound of that piggie. actually i really don't want wynn traded. i really think is has some potential. michna although he might end up good glenn he is what he is, or martin he isn't what they thought he would be, can be traded but i hope we keep wynn. however it looks like he won't see the ball as long as daley is in control so maybe we need to get someone for him. i do not want to see canada let go. and A young has shown some ability so far. how bout maas and pciks to wpg davis and brady to edm wynn or any other qb and stokes to hamilton oh and peterson to whoever will take him. now that i see this in writing i don't think any team would do this. maybe wpg.

How about Spergon Wynn and Jaimie Stoddart to Hamilton, Russ Michna to Montreal, Michael Jenkins to Hamilton, Troy Davis to Edmonton, Jason Maas and Patrick Kabongo to BC, Casey Printers to Winnipeg?

... and Kamau Peterson to the last GM to arrive at the meeting (this will teach him not to be late again!)

Wow, 3/10. I think you just about covered everyone there. Sure you don't want to add in some of the Sask Huskies for good measure? :wink:

third now your talking except please leave me stoddard and stegal, any other receivers are yours. the cats should probably add a pick to edm on montreal depending on who wins in a cheerleading competition

and lets add stokes in there. some in edm say they want him so i say send him that way and get us another average receiver.