The oline played a very good game last night as porter was able to find his recievers and they only gave up 2 sacks and one was a coverage sack .Keep up the good work guys.

I think the o line looked good because of the quick releases from Porter and his ability to feel the pressure, step up, and throw or run.

The oline needs a lot of work.

I compare this situation to the Bills from 98. Johnson started for the Bills at the beginning of the season and led them to 0-3. He was getting sacked, rushed, hit and not finding his receivers.

Mr. Flutie comes in and all of a sudden the Bills are a playoff team? Same oline who was ripped in the first 3 games.

My point is, we still have a problem at oline. A QB with a quick release and smarts makes them look better.

Even if the quick releases work and the oline looks better the confidence of the players go up and they will play even better so lets congratulate them as we haven't said anything but negative comments all year towards them ,but this was the first game i saw them use the running back as the outlet valve to spell the defensive pressure where was this all year good game guys keep it up

Well They play better but Won't give them a Game ball
If they do it again I will..

I will give one to Tre Cause if dose pick that blitz on that TD to Jackson it don't happen.
He Smashed that DB on that Blitz allowing Quinton to get the ball off to The bear Cat.

Football is the ultimate team game. Using quick passes was a long time in coming.

Hey onknight i think with you not wearing your ticat gear was the charm to get us a win