How about a Discount for US Steel families$$

How about the The Ti cats Discount game day Tickets for the Families of US Steel for the first home game make it "US steel Game Day" :thup:

Question for everybody how much did A/M Dofasco pay for the new signage and are they still paying a fee for all the free advertisng and who pays to maintain the tiger vision?

A poor down and out steelworker

cats99 xo xo

In the old days the stelco workers could have bought half priced tickets from all the dofasco workers who got them for nothing and sold them by the mitt full at the gates and then went home. tough all over isnt it.

You can't just give discounts to everyone... You had your chance for a discount... Plus Dofasco is a bunch of users since the Shermans left... They just hire temporary workers then let them go... I myself have been a casualty of this... I am ashamed that Dofasco is in Hamilton now... Poor Bob Young... Nothing is ever good enough... This is a business and he has already lost countless MILLIONS... I have nothing against Stelco... But I curse Dofasco... They have ruined so many families who think they will get full-time... I have seen it... GO CATS GO...

once the auto industry is done with wage and benefit cuts,the suppliers will be next. dofasco,get ready. oh well you can always run to the uswa. oh youve burned that bridge

Why just the US Steel families? That's discrimination. Equal discounts for all!

I tend to agree. The ripple effects of the failing Canadian Steel industry is massive. The guys punching the clock at the actual gates who are being laid off is just the tip of the ice-berg.

I think the cats have given us a sweet discount, 25% + and additional 10% if you paid by Jan 23 plus most people carried over the extra 10% from last year.

Read once, years ago, there was a problem there with employee bullying.


OK, and how about a discount for all of the construction workers that have been laid off?
And maybe even a discount for all of the government workers who, although working & well paid, have to put up with the inevitable stress of working for the government.
Even the laid off hospital staff, though the hospital industry gets their funding from taxpayers dollars, have to deal with cutbacks due to the economic climate.
What about all of the people who years ago made the wrong career path choice and are now unemployed, lets give them all a discount.
Maybe we could get the Ticats players to take a pay cut to help subsidize the subsidies to these ticket discounts.
Heck, Bob Young should have seen this coming years ago when he bought the Ticats and made allowance in his overall business plan. Right.