How About A CFL Free Agent Frenzy

With well over a 100 players, including significant names, set to hit free agency next Tuesday, I would love to see TSN have the panel on for a few hours to add some excitement to the process. If it`s good enough for the NHL, why not the CFL?

How about it TSN!

Holy Crap. Can you believe Hervey slept in on the most important day of the off season? How else do you explain it being 12:02 Eastern and old tamper master hasn't announced a signing yet. :smiley:

You can afford to sleep in when you're defending Grey Cup champs. :wink:

Well TSN 1150 in Hamilton is doing their own version of CFL Free Agent Frenzy...

Yeah TSN 1150 does a good job of covering the CFL. TSN 1050 does Not.

as to be one of the craziest starts to CFL Free Agency ever.

Bombers did very well, but no big splash on OL. They made a prety darned good splash overall though.

Seemed like it was just nonstop big updates all afternoon....pretty cool 1st wave