How about a 30 second play clock?

Obviously you don't understand what an audible is and the strategy it brings to the game of football.

strategy in the CFL is different then the NFL, where I guess their is a lot of audibles becase the O and the D don't move as much as the CFL.

RF, you said that the CFL doesn't use too many As becase of the 20 sec clock, I say fine becase players can move where they want anyway, what's the problem here?

You still don't know what an audible is.

For example let's say the quarterback calls a pass play in the huddle but when he gets to the line of scrimmage he sees the defence is set-up to take away that play, so he audibles and calls another play (which could still be a pass or he could switch it to a run).

so bacically just before the snap, players, O and/or D, move around into their new posistions called by the QB or LB, and then they go.

Before the snap, at the line of scrimmage, the quarterback or linebacker calls an audible (a different play) and if that play requires a change of formation the players then move into their new positions. The quarterback, sometimes, will also fake audible (fake changing the play).

yeah, I get that

But my point was that since the other players can move before the snap, if they notice that the D, or O, is set up for a pass, run, etc. that they will natural change on their own? like if a recevier sees a D line up with him, isn't he going to try to out run him before the snap (move to the right, and then left of him just as the ball is snaped)

A single player isn't going to change the play on their own since it could potentially screw up the play called.

But if a quarterback sees a mismatch like that he will exploit it and will definitely be looking for that receiver. If a linebacker sees that bad of a mismatch he will change the play (call an audible) or he'll call a time-out. explain to him the benefits of a staggered count.....

if it aint fixed, dont break it.

get a 40-second play clock like the nfl, have a 2 minute instead of 3 minute warning. Have 11 players on the field and 3 timeouts per half.


I wish the NFL would follow their college brothers and go to a 25 sec clock.....

Anything over 20 is for slow pokes, we don't need that type of play in Canada.

Well said, Earl. one of the best things about our game is the faster pace…3 and a half hours to watch an NFL game is ridiculous, and sometimes pretty painful.

3 and half hours, to enjoy peyton manning, mike vick, ray lewis, edgerin james, reggie bush, and vince young is well worth it. Its nice to watch it and the 4 downs to see more offensive plays.

yeh, love those "3 yards and a cloud of dust" plays you get with 4 down ball. It's too easy, we prefer a tougher game with only 3 downs here buddy.

The QB has to run to avoid being sacked while screaming “YO ANDERSON… TURN LEFT ! LEFT !.. NO ! THE OTHER LEFT !..”

Then it makes me want it all the more!

The only rule changes you have ever been in favor of are your own. You have yet to agree with a change suggested by someone else!

with one one TO, I doubt he would do that unless it’s in the last minute of the half.

I guess the guys on the O that need to chage if they is an audiable are the runners, since, depending on the play, the receviers are going to run down feild any way (can be a great fake).

Seems the As are more for the D.


Zartan’s rule about a three week preseason (I was originally going with 4, remember), Your idea of the standings, somebody else suggested the moving the OT to the 50 yard line before me, the punt penalty, no strait arms, just to name a few are all rules that I never originally came up with that I now favor.

ok, now your ticking me off, go watch the NFL and join an NFL forum, let us the hell alone.

you don't need 4 downs BTW, the wuicker teams chage posistion the better.