How about a 30 second play clock?

Is 20 seconds enough time to plan strategy?

Especially when there are only 3 downs.

I think this is time to pull out an old saying.

If it aint broke don't fix it

20 is plenty.
Because you really have 30-40.

30 Seconds Is Just Way Too Much Time, It Takes 10 Seconds For A Coach To Send In A Play, A 30 Second Play Clock Would Just Slow Down The Game. And Don't Forget That The Play Clock Doesn't Start Until The Refs Place The Ball So On Most Plays The Huddle Is Well On Its Way Before The 20 Second Play Clock Even Starts.

dude, I had the same question, but I have never asked it on here becase if it's not enough time to pull of a great play, don't you think they would have chaged the rules by now?

so keep it the way it is.

I am not saying it is broke.

But could the odd sloppy play be avoided if the players have that extra 10 seconds to catch their breath and focus more?

I am not suggesting the 40 second clock, as many will argue that too much time is wasted and it's too easy to run the clock down near the end of the game.

Just looking for some balance.

and they stop it untill the snap on a few plays after three minutes, like the NFL (which is after 2 minutes)

Then you're sugesting we cover up for a players lack of stamina by changing the rules.

It's no difrent then saying defenders should only have to get 2 hands on a player for him to be down, we would see less missed tackles.

like I said before, if there were SO many bad plays (and their aren't that many, and most messy plays are due to bad players), then the rule would have chaged by now, but it hasn't.

That's saying something...

I think the 20 second clock makes the game more exciting. It allows more plays throughout the game and more actual playing time (compared to the downtime in the NFL) and also allows teams to comeback easier. I also believe 20 seconds is enough to call plays, it just might not be enough time to audible a lot like the NFL (especially Peyton Manning) seems to do.

what the heck is audible?

Why is it everyone wants change in the cfl? It has worked for many years with out your great ideas! Leave it alone 30 seconds makes it to close to that other league you know the one that is no fun!

Ya slow it down like the other league no thanks that would make you fall a sleep!

A new or substitute offensive play called by the quarterback or a defensive formation called by a linebacker at the line of scrimmage as an adjustment to the opposing side's formation

and if this rule doesn't have KK's approval, cuz I'm the Self Proclaimed King of Rule changes in the CFL, it's not going anywhere.

oh that can happen when a play is in motion, like a QB sneak if the play is broken.

No an audible only happens before the snap of the ball at the line of scrimmage.

I still don't like the idea of it, I feel that you have to chage during the play, not before it, and besides, with everyone except the LB (and maybe the QB) allowed to move anywhere on the field before the snap as long as they don't come one yard from the LOS, what's the point of using it in the CFL?

It's strategy, it's calling plays and changing the play based on the formation of the opposite team. How do you change a play while the play is in motion?

the QB decides to run for it, and then pass or keep going.

and with players allowed to move almost anywhere behind the LOS, they pretty much moving to avoid a defener or the D is trying to run with the receiver, therefore they are always doing As, so what's the point?