How a dare turned into a dream for Esks Reed

This is a fine article on Kavis Reed ---- former Tiger-Cats defensive co-ordinator and current head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos.

  • Of course, I remember him most for being my basketball 2 0n 2 partner over at Prince Of Wales school grounds where he taught me some pretty neat moves some days. I did test his patience at times with my sorry lack of skills, but hey, someone has to be the teacher and someone has to be the student :wink:
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"And Reed knows what it takes to win. As the Bombers’ defensive coordinator, the team finished first in the league for allowing the fewest net passing yards last season and second for fewest net offence yards. The year before that he helped lead the Roughriders to the Grey Cup final."

That's a given isnt it seeing as how you dont support the team through attending, most would remember him most for his football career.

I watched Kavis coach at practice here in Hamilton for a couple years
I saw that he was an exceptionally sensitive and passionate teacher.

He knew the steep learning curve that our inexperienced DBs from the US faced.

DBs rightfully get really upset when receivers catch passes on them

Sometimes the DB covered the man perfectly and Kavis would let them know.

This relieved the DBs disappointment and took the pressure off them.

These guys never faced receivers before who are allowed to
go in motion before the whistle and build a head of steam up

toward them before they even cross the line of scrimmage.

The area they have to cover is much wider also, 65 yards

He mentored them like a caring parent although he, himself, was only 34 years old.

Kavis has what it takes to be a success, and he has a top notch G.M Eric Tillman
who has built CFL championship teams before [and several Grey Cup contenders.]

Thanks deer for bringing that to my attention. Hey, I played high school football and hockey, contact sports, and thought that anyone who played basketball and volleyball without playing a real contact sport were, well, sort of like pussy like.

Many decades later I still believe that actually. And basketball and baseball and volleyball are gerat sports, but they don't require an attiitude of "hit me" and thats why these type sports will always just never qyuite cut it with me. Great article deer. :thup:

And BTW I was 152 pounds in high school d back and bringing down running backs often 30 or so pounds heavier than me, just as fast if not faster. Try to tell that to a volleyball guy ie. OMG the ball went in my face. Sorry volleyballer but just doesn't cut it. Or basketball or ballball and I've played them all.

You have to play football to "get it" or know that if you haven't played. Remember taking on a 220 lb running back in junior finals in London, 70 lbs heavier than me and broke through, it was me at safety or good night. I took out his ankles, of course. :cowboy:

seeing as how you dont support the team through attending
@ 2ndandwong --- interesting ..... and you would know this how exactly ? :roll:

@ Earl and Ronfromtigertown --- great posts ! :slight_smile:

Earl, I totally agree. My own football career as a kid didn't last too long after I got a running back's thumb jammed into my eye and ended up seeing double for a few weeks. That was enough for me. Football is a tough sport and at 110 lbs soaking wet as a 14lb year old, it quickly became apparent to me that I just wasn't built for it.

I actually enjoyed watching Kavis coach. He had a great rapport with his players, but I feel he was much better as a DB coach than a DC. He was always ready to chat with fans and helped out the community when he was here as well. I have nothing but respect for him.