Housewarming Gift

Just thought I would visit the new Roughriders wing of and leave behind…


…a big Stampeder fart!

more hot air coming from alberta, damn chinooks

No wonder why its so windy here. Alberta still blows and Manitoba sucks.

Wow brilliant posting you guys.

red and white all you do is come to the riders forum and say how the riders suck and how the stampeders are gonna kick ass, i think you are a little mixed up, last time i checked we’ve actually made the playoffs the last 3 years.

ah that is about to end. He is only reminding you that with out your best QB in the line up that the only way from here is down!

We made it to the playoffs 2 years ago with a better record then last year when Nealon was starting…

Ya, I dont get were these idiots are getting there facts. I f they knew anything they would know we did better without Henry. He threw for more yards than Nealon but so what. The bottom line is wins and losses and we have been way more consistent and have won more with Nealon. So to say we lost our best QB is just stupid.

Nealon is better than Hank. Just 'cause he’s got a little gold still in him.

At the end of the day I don’t care who’s better between Nealon and Burris. If we put Roy Shivers in at QB and he won games, I wouldn’t be complaining. To me, as long as they put points on the board it’s no big deal, The name on the back of the jersey is just there for decoration.

I like your posts Jeremy.

…weird how things just evolve eh? Post starts out about a big fart and comes round to Nealon, the more it changes the more it stays the same :mrgreen: …

You make a valid point Jeremy…it doesn’t matter as long as the team is winning, but don’t forget that the team needs butts in the seats to make money and charismatic players create excitement and attract fans to the park that otherwise might not come.

Yes, And I think I can see a sell out coming in Taylor field.

Yeah, when Calgary plays Saskatchewan at home the crowd will be insane, I definatley look forward to that game. I also agree with supertoe. Burris was a real crowd pleaser but Nealon has a lot of fans too, I think that the Rider fans are ready to embrace any QB who puts on the green jersey.

Ah they will embrace Hank again. Dam Roy should have signed him!

Yeah, that makes alot of sense. Both QB’s came within a couple of plays of a Grey Cup game, but in 2004 we were 9&9. If i’m not mistakin we had a better record then that in 2003.

…farts guys…the string was begun with a fart post…how this dements into QB analysis is so far funny and slightly appropriate…