Every team in the league should be afraid to play in B.C. Place. We are now undefeated in 9 games I believe. I don't care what anyone says (especially Rider fans ) there is no louder place to play than in the dome. 29,000 + fans that sound like 60,000. Welcome to B.C. Place - The HOUSE F PAIN ! Nobody is leaving here with 2 pts. this year ! :twisted:

10 if you include the west final... forget Commonwealth... forget McGill... BC Place is now the toughest place to come into and play..

My work (pvl nutrients) is a sponser, hopefully i get tickets to every game this year.

Shame the Lions won't be there for Grey Cup cause the Riders are gonna demolish them!

HAHAHA...... good one

Acutrally it's 3 games, remember the Grey Cup???????

The Grey Cup was played in Ottawa. He meant BC hasn't lost its last nine games AT BC Place.

oops! boy, do I feel like a dieckhead!

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Keep talking on your subject.

I know...i was listening to the radio and i swear to gawd the announcer( :lol: ) was shouting when the fans were going insane...said something like pack of animals...lolz...well, we are the loudest of them all(sorry rider fans and thank you dome!)

..........maybe with your new turf BC Place should be known as HOUSE OF RUGS.............hahahahaha........sorry, couldn't help myself.........

Hey , at least it's a soft rug now.


Ya just like last year , right?

HAHAHAHA... house of rugs.... i like it... it's funny cuz it's so true... i will say it did look better for last nights game than it did last week and in preseason though.

u guys are crappy fans you havnt even sold out your lower bowl this season emberrasing. the eksimos and ricky ray will destroy you ladies

how sad is it when you need commercials to sell tickets

...........I agree chronic, it's look fine...............I just couldn't pass up the comedic attempt..........

The dome was a rockin. loud and proud.

ok... we did sell out the lower bowl for last nights game... well... maybe 300 tickets off... big deal.... if i'm not mistaken... we have the biggest growth in ticket base over the last 2 years...

also... keep dreaming about the Esks "destroying" the Lions... ain't gonna happen... IF they do pull a win out of their ass... it will be a close game..

I hate to say it but I fear the Esks the most. They got a pretty good offence when it's clicking and their D is pretty good too but that being said, the Lions still haven't hit their stride yet and the Lions' D is starting to improve. Lions should be thankful they don't play the Esks for a few more weeks.

IMO Esks have the strongest D in the CFL right now. And with the exception of Friday, the offence usually clicks as well.

Having said that, the games that will be too close to call will be against BC and Toronto.