Now that this pathetic edition of the BIG BLUE have been put out of their collective misery. It is now time for heads to roll.
The first to go should be both Taman and Bauer. We have lousy players and the results have shown this all season long. Glenn must also go. The incompetant management thinks he is a good quarterback. His performance has been terrible. We could use him as trade bait. We need to get rid of some of the dire hard fans who support both Taman and Bauer. We will never have a winning team with these 2 clowns. And the chairman of the BODs should resign immediately for not taking action sooner in dealing with the mess all season long.

Housedog you are right, it's funny how everyone made posts that housedog and others were in the wrong by saying that the bombers would tank this season. It turns out dog and others were all right. It was a miracle they barly slipped into the playoffs but they lost first round, no surprise at all. We NEED a new quarterback and a new head coach. Berry and Glenn have been nothing but trouble all year. The players don't respect Berry, he never takes blame. I seen this coming from a mile away. I am in no way disrespecting bomber fans I am one myself I froze my as* off today just like everyone else at the game and that game was terrible. Quarterback and management needs a serious change.

IMO the Bombers were outplayed at two positions: Quarterback and Kicker (punting, Kickoffs). That is on large part on Berry and Glenn with his impersonation of Micheal Jackson (The Glove) wow...this guy should immitate Zohan and go cut hair for Paul Mitchell.

He shall now be known as Kevin "The Glove" Glenn.

other then the botched field goal serna actually played a fairly good kicking game. had a bad punt or 2 but had some really good ones as well. and the one kickpff from our 50 placed the ball beautifully inside the 5 allowing the cover team to stop the returner at the 15.

as for glenn we all gottta deal with him for one more year. he is good enough to be a starter. maybe not a grey cup starter, but a starter none the less. and with contract no team is going to want to trade. or won't offer anything worth while to us for him. so sacrifice another year with glenn to help randall gain experience then boot glenn and give randall the keys to drive the offence.

and as for taman. Ya i agree he is starting to flunk out as GM but the off season workings to bring back some of our stars who just coudn't perform was better then any gm, and the trade of roberts for smith was the best trade this season. the entire running was re-ignited with a smash mouth kinda guy getting the ball.

i agree berry has to go but i said well over a year ago. he has no respect of his players and takes no blame as previously stated. he blames all his players and then says he loves their ability and they did nothing wrong. he never knows what to do when the team needs a leader on the sidelines.

I have to agree, now that the curtain has fallen on an unspectacular season.

QB is the number one concern but not the only one. The defense only gave up 22 points and Armstead got 7 back with his punt return. If your qb can't overcome 15 points, then he shouldn't be starting.

Taman should go, he's had his 5 years and has failed to deliver. Coaching staff ??? An OC is a must, changing the rest probably won't make a whole lot of difference anyways.

Bauer should go as well, how many playoff games is that now that he couldn't fill the seats ? You can say it's not his fault, but ultimately everything comes back on him.

Kicking is the Bombers #1 concern with the QB a close second. Coaching would be third

put it this way. time to follow mtl and just totally revamp the entire coaching staff from berry to cartwright. every coach and co-oridinator has to go. they are all awful.

Berry is way to emotional to be a HC. Dumping Westwood with zero prospect was plain stupid and that's where thee whole circus started. Its on him IMO

he had good kickers in camp. ya no one that was supposed to be spectacular but no kicker in the cfl ever has those credentials anymore. he just picked the wrong guy. i think he had a better kicker in camp and dumped him because serna was supposed to be this hot shot college kid and wasn't.

We have had a circus of a year. The present Management of the Bombers must go. If they stay we will just see a repeat of the past year. Bauer and Taman should take the correct path and resign for the benefit of the fans. New blood will bring in new players and coaches. They have had their chance and now it is time for them to go. We need a better quarterback and secondary. WPG fans please do not throw anymore parties for Bauer, this is really stupid. where are all the Bauer and Taman supporters now, the so called true fans who are stupid. They like to lose and don't want to see real changes. They made a party for Bauer. These so called fans must be drinking bad home brew from Beausejour.

Berry has never been one to beat around the bush as far as his expectations go, and that po'd a few players. He had his doubts about Westwood, Roberts, Canada and Glenn, when he got here and guess what, he was right on all accounts. It's not his fault that his GM couldn't provide adequate replacements for those needs.

imo, Berry should be given the the reigns fully to make what ever changes he sees fit.

piggy thats the worst idea i;ve heard all season

Well lets see

Roberts for Joe Smith : hardly played him
Westwood for Serna: That worked out well...went from lousy field goal success past the 35 to lousy field goal success past the 24
I won't even mention how bad Serna's punting was.
Tom Canada for Moreno well what a steal by that lousy GM...
Glenn wearing a glove to throw a football well Berry's answer was Dindwiddie.

Just terrible asset management by Berry, but that's just me.

Two good posts! I like Berry, he can only work with what Taman gives him.

Well, in Taman's defence, consider this, from the Winnipeg Free Press:

"Brendan Taman has just completed his 10th year with the franchise, currently the longest run with the same team of any GM in the CFL. The Bombers have been to two Grey Cups during that span and qualified for the playoffs seven times. He has a tendency to occasionally opt for the quick fix -- usually at the expense of coveted draft picks -- but is a solid scout and adept trader. Every organization makes personnel mistakes, but Taman's moves in-season this year -- among others adding Jason Armstead, Kai Ellis and Stanford Samuels, trading for Joe Smith and Zeke Moreno -- all made this football team better. Couple that with a superb '08 draft class that made an immediate impact and the additions of new faces like Romby Bryant, Willie Amos, Jovon Johnson, Joe Lobendahn and Taman gets more than just a passing grade on '08."

All I can say as I write my annual thank you card…

[i]Dear Brendan,

Once again I take this opportunity to thank you for geroy Simon…[/i]

We have lost a lot of good players because of Taman. Arland Bruce is another that got away. Madjack I would not put much credence on some story the FP Sportswriters wrote on Taman. They have a vested interest in promoting Bomber Management. You think they want to lose all their perks. Free tickets, food, drinks and a free reign to come and go as they please at the stadium. Look what happened to Westwood when he critized the Bombers in the sun. He got banned from the dressing room and stadium press box where all the freebies are handed out.

I hear what you are saying Sanjay, but on the other hand it's a bit of an ad hominem argument.

Deal with what they said as opposed to who's saying it:

"Taman's moves in-season this year -- among others adding Jason Armstead, Kai Ellis and Stanford Samuels, trading for Joe Smith and Zeke Moreno -- all made this football team better. Couple that with a superb '08 draft class that made an immediate impact and the additions of new faces like Romby Bryant, Willie Amos, Jovon Johnson, Joe Lobendahn and Taman gets more than just a passing grade on '08."

As far as that goes, I think they're right.

I have to disagree. We do not have a good team period. We were lucky to get a playoff spot. The season record speaks for itself. Even with these trades the performance was subpar. We again got shutout of a Grey Cup. I guess some have low expectations regarding the performance of this team. If Taman and Bauer are back next year, expect the same. But I guess this is Winnipeg ,and I should not expect anything better.

.....HOUSE start with Glenn....I don't know how many times it has to be thrown into everyones face....THE GUY IS NOT AN ELITE QB.....he's a back-up at best...and he'll struggle at that next year...Why do we keep beating ourselves using him....A quote from another gm says....'sometimes Glenn will put out just enough to beat you....other times ..wellll you can fill in the blank......Lets go back to the last game when Kevin had a hard time stretching his 5' 9" frame to see over the line...throws one up blindly hoping the receiver is there ....but whoops ...Perry is there instead...waltzes under it.. td....Those are playoff-game killers...especially on your own 30....He just plain doesn't have it...Along with his bad passes, he is also very brittle....Everytime he takes a good lick ,i'm wondering if he's ever going to get up...This glove thing in the last game...i didn't get....I didn't see Ray with anything on his hands....He also lacks mobility...I'm sorry to say, we have gone far enough with the Glenn failed tenure....Renegotiate his salary for next year....if he doesn't want to go that him or cut him....I'd rather see Dinwiddie get a shot as the no 1....and if that didn't cost a helluva lot...It looks as though we're going to have to reshape the team anyway...might as well start with the key position for this team on the field.....I'd hate to see what season tix are going to look like ,if the BigBlue are going to try and sell Glenn for another year :thdn: :expressionless: