Hottest Cheerleaders

Every time I see their games on tv, I'm always reminded how hot the BC Lions cheerleaders are. Hot damn! They're the best, by far, IMO.

What do you guys think?

The Lions have some hotties....a brunette tonight looked pretty damn good on TV....but they have their share of uglies too.

ya id say.. all teams have a couple hotties and a couple not so hotties. no doubt, being a guy, we'd do them all. haha

screw the cheerleaders. all that matters is the game.

the Bombers have some of the ugliest cheerleaders ive seen in years, but some are the hottest ive EVER seen, theres a blond thats HOT!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :rockin: :twisted:

This thread needs some photos fellas!!

this thread needs to be locked.

Personally, I've generally thought the Lions and Argos have had the hottest cheerleaders. Likely due to having a huge population base to draw from. However, the best cheerleaders as far as what they actually do is easily Edmonton.

Yeah some of the Lions cheerleaders are really hot, thought the Argos a couple years ago had some hotties on there cheerleading squad as well.

the worst looking cheerleaders to me still belongs to Edmonton, garbage high school looking uniforms and guys? sorry lame

the bomber cheerleaders to me are just boring, there may be some decent looking ones, but they have to start doing some flips and stuff, right now its just a dance team...

i agree about the Bombers cheerleaders...for years they've had some of the ugliest ones, and yes they're boring as hell too.

luckily there's one hot blonde this year that keeps my interest during down times.

That’s classy…

I’ll be honest, I don’t check out the cheerleaders that often, but I do recall the BC girls dressing up in 60s-style unis for a game last season. Was probably a retro game. They looked good.

the bombers unoforms are the worst. the stamps girls look pretty good this year... i think the best looking.

Too funny I had a chat with an x rider lagger last year. She was ragging how much better their cheer and dance routines were compared to the BC ladies and how slutty their outfits were.

The rider tarts do have a better routine (or what ever they call it) than the BC girls, but all the BC girls have to do is show up an look hot...and hot they are.

Of course the polite guy I am, I just smiled thinking that no guy gives an "F" about your stupid crappy routine especially when they look like just showed up after cleaning pig pens all day, but maybe that's why rider fans always show up to games drunk? Beer goggles at work?

I thought Riders fans showed up drunk because they know they live in Saskatchewan?
As much as many will call bs, I do care about if they are coordinated or not. I really don't give a carp if the routine is technically hard or whatever, just as long as they look like they're actually doing the same thing and not all ad libing.

I dunno it'd be kinda funny if everyone was ad libbing every dance would have the potential for someone to get kicked in the head. It'd make things so much more exciting

This is an extremly rude and offensive thead. Tarts, do them all.... How would you like someone saying these things about your daughters...

not to mention classless, childish, ignorant, etc

Agreed! :thdn: