Hotels in Winnipeg for Grey Cup!

Anyone looking for rooms in Winnipeg for the Grey Cup, I have access to some rooms in a Hotel only 15mins from the stadium. If your interested get intouch with me.

I can give you the rates. Do have some good tickets available as well.

I am looking for four tix if the Riders win. Also a hotel room, which hotel? How much are the tix and where are they? Thanks- DGW

The Hotel is Canad-inn Club Regent Casino, We also have some ticket in the South endzone, but can get you some better ones, depending on much you want to spend on tickets.

Here is my number to call me on if the Riders win.

Ask for Matt

theyre not winning. so dont worry about it. also why would u give ur phone number out? thats silly

well matt is a smart man :stuck_out_tongue: this is free advertising. a 1800 is his work #, more people call, more business :cowboy: and only 1 game away from the biggest game!! why not plan ahead :wink: b4 the rush :stuck_out_tongue:

Canadinns Club regent is more than 15 mins from the stadium. If you want a hotel close choose the Canadinns Polo Park (5 min walk at the most) or the Clarion (10 min walk max) ..... 15 mins from the stadium and easy access is getting a hotel either by the airport or downtown.