Hotels In Edmonton Close To Commonwealth

hey guys, this is for the people who live in Edmonton. I am coming there for the august 20th game against the Argos to cheer on the Esks, and I'd like to know a good hotel around Commonwealth. Preferably with pool and hot tub, and not to expensive. But show me all around commonwealth you think would be close to a person that has never been to Edmonton before. Thanks.

Well, Commonwealth Stadium is in one of the grubbiest parts of the city, which isn't terrible, but surprisingly there really aren't any hotels nearby. If you want to get to the stadium easily from where you are staying, the best option is to stay at a hotel downtown and take the LRT train to the Stadium, which is about a 5 minute ride.

And as far as hotels located downtown go, most of them are pretty pricey. But I do know that this one is an average hotel and has fairly decent rates:

But there has to be some better deals out there fofr what you are looking for...

You can save money by staying at cheaper hotels in other places in the city, but of course there’s the issue of getting to Commonwealth, and the price you spend on transportation can negate your savings.

I'm sure someone else here might be able to offer some help...

I guess first it would help to know how much you think is too much for a hotel room. But I agree, The LRT is the best way to get there cheap and easy (long sweaty lines though) I have found some hotel rates downtown starting at $100 all the way up to $1000.

here is a link ... index.html

Remember too if you are driving up that there is park and ride from several places from around the city. so you could stay anywhere and get to the game. There is not much good parking anymore around the stadium( thanks to all the whinny "good neighbors"). if not driving then there is a Best Western motel across the street from Kingsway Garden Mall which also has a Park & Ride location. (the park & Ride pickup is on the other side of the mall. Park & ride info is on the site. Have a good time at the game maybe i'll see ya.

hey thanks guys, especially the first guy. I will be staying in Alberta place. See you guys at the game, lets go Eskies!!!