Hotel the Bombers sleep at Thurs. night?

Just wondering :twisted:

Good one mikey.

Hopefully all the noise by-law enforcement officers are Ticat fans. lol

They don't sleep: they hibernate.

those guys wont be at the hotel, they are known the visit seductions on lundy's lane.

Great idea I love it. lol

The sad reality is, there isn't that many hotels in Hamilton. So I assume its the Sheraton.

Drive on by around 3am and again at 6

on my way right now.....

I think they are staying at Argofan's house...I'll get you the address.

Oh wait...this isn't a PM?

That was fun.... cranking the BA Johnston from my car along King west.... a couple of "Restaurantainment" stragglers seemed to enjoy it....

Going back in a couple of hours, this time with some Sons of Butcher.....

Steeltown proud!
They'll be my post-game (and hopefully victory) party....

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I laughed my head off when I saw the picture. Great stuff Mikey!!!!Thanks.

Holiday Inn (Burlington)

Find the hotel and get rooms above and below the Bombers and have a Keith Moon tribute.
Haven't seen a good hotel room trashing in long time.

Might cause the Bombers a bit of sleep deprivation

good to know our team can't wi without employing tricks.

Nope they have not Stayed in Burlington For long time
It's Normally a Downtown Hotel.


I think you replied to the wrong message.

Probably the Staybridge. I know they have hot water there so Brown will be happy.

They should stay at the Marriott on Upper James. Then Brown can be almost right next door to his precious Keg. :roll:

I did some checking and it turns out that the Bombers are not actually staying at a traditional Hotel in the city. At the request of Brendan Taman the Bombers are actually staying at a trailer park in Flamboro somewhere. Apparently they don't have a website so I can't give you a link.