Hotel in Regina

My buds and I have been going to Greycup for 20 plus years, we have been trying to book a hotel and no luck whatsoever. In previous years we have been subject to motels for $200 per night and then a hotel downtown that charged us $475 per night with a 4 night minimum. Does anyone have any leads on a group of 4 finding a place to stay. Very disappointed how all of the hotels even in Regina are blocked off.

have you checked AirBnB yet?

Nothing on Air bnb,

Off-season RV rental?

Park it right outside of Mosaic…

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Stayed one time at a Motel not suited for the fall and were from Edmonton so cold weather isn't an issue. Prefer a hotel and not happy that no hotels were left open.

try VRBO?

Shouldve booked in advance

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If budget is the sole consideration, the Empire Hotel might be an option. They usually have cheap rates

Emerald park is only 10 minutes east of Regina, they have 2 hotels.. another option if you don't mind a small drive Moose Jaw 45 minutes west.... doable


…4.5 stars

I've checked the Moose Jaw Hotels and nothing

We never really have a budget but will check out the Empire,

Disclaimer: it’s not 4.5 stars

How are you checking availability? Off normal websites like Travelocity/Expedia/ etc? If so I don’t think you’re going to find anything no.

We start our search for Hotels 365 days out as most hotels will not book anything more than a year in advance and the blackouts already had begun. The year the Greycup was cancelled in Regina I had the Spa in Moosejaw booked and a driver as we didn't want to get in this situation again.

Neither was the motel we stayed in, ran the hot water in the tub to warm up.

Pretty much tried all of the hotels and booking agents,

Nothing on VRBO,

This is not a very good place knights inn, however in desperation I stayed there two nights in until something else opened up, another place low on the list Sunrise inn, good luck

i checked on rooms back in March and they were all blocked out