Hey Guys and Gals

Who likes it when football players are hotdogs. You know, like when Terrel Owens did that sharpie thing or the pose in the middle of the Dallas Cowboys star or like how Kieth Stokes read that newspaper (I didn’t get that one). I actually think it makes the game better as long as it is not done while you are laying the boots to another team. Who Likes it and why and who doesn’t and why?

I like it as long it keep a minimum of class, and its not aim directly at another player. After a touchdown, i like it when they do a “hotdog” show :slight_smile: People in Calgary will love Copeland if he can bring the same attitude within the receiving corp after a touchdown !

I love a good touchdown celebration- from the Williams Wiggle to the Gizmo Flip and everything in between. We fans love a touchdown, so how come the players can’t love one just as much. The league should lighten up and let the players put on a show. That’s what we pay to see. If we find it crass we’ll boo.

I hate hot dogging. (its one of the reasons I disliked Winnipeg for so many years). Even the other night… disappointment crept in when I saw Copeland and the Calgary receivers hot dogging in the end zone…And they were still trailling during the game! Spiking the ball, High 5’s, even a Gizmo flip I can handle. But these choreographed dance steps belong in the ice capades, not football.

Ditto Sportsmen.

I hate hot dogging…but I LOVE hot dogs! :mrgreen:

I think it should be banned compleatly. I have no problem with the congratulations but the dancing and stunts should be gone.
I have seen flags thrown for taunting because the receiver ran into the endzone for a td backwards. If that is taunting how come a can-can line is not?

'Frank’ly (pardon the pun) I’d luv to see one of them big white honky mofo Canadian O-linemen get a TD and do a spasdic pelvic thrust. At least that would be amusing.

It Is A Great Aspect Of The Game And Should Be Incouraged, However That Said It Is Disrespetful When The Visiting Teams Does It. For Example The Randy Moss Full Moon Last Year, I Liked It Because I’m A Vikings Fan, But I Can Understand Why Everyone Was So Up-In-Arms About It. But The Classic Dance Routines That The Blue Bomber Recieving Core Used To Put On I Really Enjoyed Watching.