Hot & Sunny

The forcast couldnt be better for todays game…should be around 27 C at game time with a light breeze out of the West…might be a little too hot for an Eskimo…:slight_smile:

lol nothing but blue sky out there right now

Yea thats good Ill be in my usually seats on the rowdy side :slight_smile:. GO BLUE!

maybe a little to warm for you peggers too.... :lol: sir are an idiot

and it takes one to know one BB?


He's not an idiot. He's a fool. The idiot you have to excuse because of genetic malfunctions, a fool is self made.

Lovely game and weather tonight guys too bad there werent more people at the game. Back out to the forks in a bit for fireworks and shots!

Have fun walking around there, and if you're driving....getting out of there. :wink:

...didn't like the attendance......maybe after tonights game....we'll have more believers.....i think we will see a rise in attendance next game...we have an awesome team...goBigBlue.. :thup:


its not that people didnt want to go to the game you have to take it being Canada day into consideration. I bet there were a bunch of people camping. I thought I even heard the Winnipeg Goldeyes played tonight?

That was not nice. Sorry.

Yeah, I was the one who told him. :lol:

all ways willing to take one for my team, and fall on the sword.