Hot Summer - Football - Cold Beer

With warmer temperatures coming this week and the CFL Draft but weeks away, I look forward to a nice cold beer . As of today, I know which brand I will not be buying. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I just hope there a Season pat I had being Stuck inside for 6 to 7 Months

i assume your talking Lakeport? And that's a BAD Thing?!

I'd Rather have Rum and Coke Then Beer.

How many summers has it been since it was "hot"??? According to the stats we had 3 days only in the past 2 years where the temp hit 30C, and cool summer nights with no humidity. So bring on a hot summer for a change!!
I really hate this "Global Cooling" do you remember a few years ago when they talked about global warming? Hope I can sit outside this summer at night and drink a beer.

It's too bad about Lakeport and the loss of 130 jobs or so. I put it down to our stupid beer and liquor laws.
The government tries hard to protect us from the evils - you only have to drive across the border 40 miles away and you can buy beer in Walmart, a 30 pack of Blue or Canadian(brewed in Ontario) for $18 and even cheaper for US beer.

Not only do we have laws that prevent beer from being sold in Walmart or supermarkets but we also have a law against cheap beer sales. A 24 case cannot be sold for less than $24 BY LAW.

It's always sad when people lose their jobs, but that's life. The company doesn't owe the worker a job so it's hardly a "stab in the back" as one was quoted. Teresa Cascioli was a shrewd business person. She gained market share with the 'buck a bottle' campaign, raised the value of Lakeport, and quickly sold it for what I assume was more money then the brewery was worth. "Buck a bottle" beer is probably not sustainable as businesses have to make a profit to survive. With unionized workers, production inefficiencies, and no unique branding, the slim margins finally caught up to the ledger realities.

Meh, I say screw the big guys all together and drink craft beer. For a few bucks more you're getting high quality beers and the profit stays in your community unlike the big boys where their profit goes to foreign owners. There are some amazing locally owned and operated breweries in our area. I could name a few but then my post is likely to be pulled due to agreements between the Cats and their sponsor / suppliers of salty bilge.

I agree. If Canadians are such beer lovers then why to most choose bland, over-marketed, or worse yet, American brands? Ontario has many fine craft brewers and if supporting the little guy fancies you check out:

I'm asuming your "american brands" is specifically referring Bud and Coors? I'm a strong propenent of Ontario crafts but there are AMAZING American crafts as well. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, the liquor laws in this province are so archaic most dont make the LCBO shelves so I turn to the hard working importers for acquiring Canadian or American brews

And I don't care about corporate etiquette.. Black Oak, Nickelbrook, Mill St, Beau's, Neustadt, Grand River, Dennison's... just to name a few that put the Macros to shame

Nothing ticks off Canadians as much as being told that American beer tastes
But Amercan beers that I've tasted are much better than Canadian!!
I've got a case of Yeungling in the fridge right now, I haven't tasted a better Canadian beer. Same with Sam Adams, its won international awards for taste with Canadian beers way down on the list. Bud has a nicer taste than Blue or Canadian.

Not only does Ontario have the ridiculous laws about pricing of beer and where it can be sold, the Brewers also control what beer can be sold, therefore you will be lucky to find craft or local beers at a Brewere retail. The small guys are lucky to survive in Ontario

Labbats is a Belgian beer now. Labatts, Molson foreign owned, watery bland taste, Keiths - overrated and much the same.

Remember when Lakeport was Amstel and then Lowenbrau? that didn't last too long either, forced out by the Ontario government laws - they were not allowed to undercut Labatts or Molson.

Although I prefer American IPA's, because I drink a fair bit of beer, cost is an issue for my regular beer consumption and I have found that Lakeport Ice is decent discount brand. And everyo one in a while pick up some Southern Tier IPA. Plus Labatt's was very good to my family raising 5 kids, my Dad worked there for 35 years and my Mom had his pension after he died. And my nephew works for Labatt's. So they'll continue to get my business.

But I can understand why some people will now buy anything but a Labatt product, everyone has their own reasons for how they buy things.

Certainly there are fine American craft brewers and Sam Adams is one of my favourites. In Ontario, Creemore, Trafalgar, Newstadt's 10W30 and Mill Street are much better than any of the corporate brands. The LCBO carries a nice variety of European beers. If you have a tall beer glass to pour it in a Bavarian weissbier has no equal.