:oops: Did you see the Als uniform in the game vs. the Argos :oops:

The one with the white top and the RED PANTS :cry:

Yiiissshhhhh :x That was a huge fumble. Sometimes, you see a team getting on the field, and just by the look of the uniform, you are convinced they are going to lose. Well those RED PANTS really got me scared. :o

It was almost as worse as when the Oakland Raiders play with their white uniform :shock: . They can't win a playoff game with those wet t-shirts on.

Let's hope the Als play the rest of the season with their regular uniforms. And I have a funny feeling (no not that) that the BC Lions will lose one game against the Als this season, while wearing a particularly atrocious new design uniform. :twisted:

I Personally Liked The New Pants, It's A Good Colour For Them.

i cant stand the pants, i thought they were as ugly as hell... yikes montreal. who the hell designed that.

I agree with Bamboo, they red pants look much better.


I thought those pants looked great! They'd look really good with the blue jersey ... but the pants alone are sweet. The Als are definitely the forerunners in coming up with good-looking uniforms ...

oh my mother...

Now you guys have gone and offended a “blue lightning”/

I can't believe we are talking about those red pants... brutal.

Aside from the Als sucking this year I can't see the opposition being very scared when seeing those unis come out on game day....

didnt “offend” me at all… :slight_smile:

The Als don’t suck this year and they will once again give your Renegades a reality check next time they meet buddy!

I hate the pants.
Designed byu reebok I think.

Yeah, that is what I heard. Seems when Reebok signed with the CFL, they had the right to impose uniforms to teams and had a plan to design a number of new uniforms for the sake of designing new uniforms.

Adidas just bought Reebok a second too late it appears. :stuck_out_tongue:

these pant were ugly !!! I like it !!! :mrgreen:

The Als have the league’s 4th best ranking so far. Though this is sub-par for Montreal, it isn’t “sucking”.

And be happy that Montreal played it’s crappiest football quarter in ten year on July 1st, because the Rens would be tied in second place with Toronto, looking at the Als from under… again.