Has it ever been forecast to be THIS HOT on Labour Day? At least there will be a strong breeze which will help a bit. But 40C 'feels like' readings with the actual temperatures over 30C. This is going to be a SCORCHER!

The field surface will be even hotter. Yikes!

And…if it FEELS like 40…it is 40!

I sure wish the Cats could wear their white uni's

Good point. Those black tight fitting shirts have to get VERY hot on days like Monday.

I’d rather sit in a down pour than this.

I hate taking my dog for a walk in this heat, these poor guys are running around blasting people!

Please stay hydrated players. We don’t need more be added to the injury list!

Feels like is not meteorology.
Humidex & wind chill are BS.
Designed for drama.

Trivia: when was the hottest labour day game on Record maybe we will break it?! Anybody know?!

My body would tend to disagree with that because on less humid 25C days I'm quite comfortable out walking or riding my bike to work. On a humid 25C days - no way I ride my bike to work - too hot and I'd be soaked in sweat by the time I got there.

Similarly a -5C with no wind day in the winter I'm quite comfortable out for a nice walk for an hour or two. Throw in a 25 km/hr wind and my face feels like it is going to fall off it feels so frozen after just 15 minutes outside.

Unless someone really loves the slogging through reams and reams of data, it’s probably unknown since it isn’t a record that’s kept. But I can tell you that the record high for that day was set in 1881 of a temperature of 35.6 C. It doesn’t look like that record will be broken…

Sorry Matt Hayes.

You know what they say…it's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

I went looking for the stats for 1973 because there was a severe heat wave during the week when I first moved to college. There is no stat for Toronto that I can find but Montreal (usually a few degrees cooler than us) hit 32.

Only problem is that I found this stat in a description of the Toronto-Montreal (!) game on that day. There were no official Labour Day Classics that year.

Teams have to wear the signature unis at some point and the games were chosen in advance. Doubt Cats have much choice in the matter now.

I"m not sure at this time of the year due to high heat the league just schedule night games. Playing the afternoon sun is hard on everybody especially the players.

Not sure how they calculate those "feels like" numbers. A 20km breeze should -reduce- the "feels like" number more than the humidity would increase it.
The temp was 30+ yesterday at practice, but a 12km breeze made it feel much less than that.

Let's hope the water stations are up and running again. Been fantastic the last couple of games. They should try and set up more on a days like it will be tomorrow. They have always run out of bottled water on hot days. Go figure.

Can you imagine what they go through in some of them NFL cities? Miami and Tampa games starting at 1PM and 4PM in 33C Plus with extremely high humidity.
How often do we get heat and humidity in this country this time of year??
But as Bob said a breeze will make all the difference.

Probably one of many reasons the US experiment died. At least the NFL starts in September. Imagine playing/watching in those southern states in July. Eek!

Would be nice if management could rent some tents for the player's benches. Shade and a breeze are real coolers. Even tubs of ice water for the guys to stick their arms into

That's an interesting idea. It wouldnt block the fans at all if they are attached to benches. You could even have them heated in the colder months. Like outside driving ranges.

Before long you'll all be dealing with snow n ice and wishin it was 30 .. :slight_smile: