Hot girlfriend or Grey Cup?

If you could choose between having a hot girlfriend or seeing your team win the Grey Cup, which would you choose?

The hottie

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That would depend.... as an example, if you were a fan of the Blue Bombers prior to 2019 I would imagine the lust for a Grey Cup would be pretty darn strong. I guess it would depend how hot the girl and whether or not there is enough between you to maintain a blissful relationship.
Now, if you are just talking 1 night stand, I would take the silver any day!

But the OP asked "to choose between HAVING a hot GF or seeing your team win the GC."
HAVING a hot GF can last forever, my team can win next year.

So what about the women posters on this site?
Are there women on this site or do we assume that every poster is a male?
I guess with it being a CFL site that everyone would be a male, women don't know about football?
Try posting - "choose between a hot guy and your team winning the Grey Cup" you would assume that people choosing "hot guy" a female or gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)

I'll still take the Grey Cup victory!

HAVING a hot GF can also only last a Hollywood minute .

My team rarely wins anything at all let alone next year. Being a Ti-Cats fan , there has been a lot of next years in-between Cups . I'll gladly take a Cup win any day of the week . :grimacing:

I'm rather surprised Dan with you being a Bomber fan that you would actually take the GF over the GC . (If you know what I mean :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

It all comes down to what you define as "having" means. If it means a one night stand like Mr. Stallion suggests then I may have to think about. I married my hot GF and we've been together for over 40 years. I only had to wait 29 years for the Bombers to win again and I had VHS tapes to watch their previous last three GC wins although tapes are not as good as the real thing, as we all know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hot as in temperature?
Does she have a fever? Covid?
Has she been running around in a parka indoors? We need more information to make a proper decision!
Don’t see why she couldn’t get some rest, & have the Grey Cup at the same time.
Don’t see how a person needs to choose between his favorite team winning the Grey Cup and his girlfriend’s temperature.