Hot Diggetty Dog boys...

...we're in first place in this here league....and looking hot enough to stay there for awhile...guess I won't be seeing a refund for the playoff tickets that came with the seasons ticket package...

Thats right Red,

There be a new Sheriff in town :cowboy:

Thanks to the Al’s for downing the Sliders. :rockin:

Yup the sliders are on the downward spiral much like I thought they would be. It sure his nice to say Hank Burris and the Stampeders in first place all alone no sharing lol

Now all you have to do is sweep the Home & Home series. Looking forward to friday night double header!

…don’t see that happening Sporty…I bet we split the Sask series, beat Winnipeg and Hamilton and the game against your team is a toss up…

That last game of the season could be a big meaningful game.

Oh well, send me a Red Jersey for the next two weeks :wink: Go Stamps Go! :wink:

Well the Stamps have shown they are for real. Yes they played the Argos but I was impressed how they man handled Montreal. Therefore I am going to say they sweep the riders.

still a few games to go before a home playoff game is assured.

Hope you enjoyed your 5 days of fame there Redwhite. Looks like the "Sliders" delivered a "Changeup" to their 6th string receiving core, which was wayyyyy to much for the Stumps to handle. We can only wait and see how bad the beating would be with the 1st stingers in there. That is if the Stumps are good eneough to get by B.C, and into the West final.

Well we are still in first place but I think the gRumpriders will be sliding back a week this monday. Enjoy the early xmas present the batteries run out on thanks giving.

The Riders will be saying "Thanks" for the Stamps "giving" them 1st place. Gotta love them 6th stringers. And by the way, when you have lost 2 of 3 to a team that means you have also lost the tie breaker, which eliminates you from 1st place and places you your usual 3rd place if the season were to end today.


There is a game to be played yet. And the last I knew there are three teams in first place. So do not get to comfortable ibeing in first your about to desend quickly starting next game.

Taleback, the Stamps would actually be in second... and as if you're bragging about a 3 point win. That game could have gone either way.

Taleback, read the forum guidelines on the subject of individual team forums and what can and cannot be done in them, then take your argument to the main forum. Thank you.

Okee Dokee. Enjoy having this space all to yourself.

I'm sure we will.....

So, how has the hype from the media been this week? Any good "Sound bytes"?

...nothing really to speak of...Huf must have clamped a muzzle on the team....only Armour saying something about him seeing a ref encouraging the crowd at Mosaic to make noise, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever....Alan Cameron who covers the team here has said there is a underlying sense unmongst the players that there is a 'us against the world' thing going on, but he didn't know who is fueling that sentiment and how much steam is is gathering.... thing is for certain, this game on Monday if big, in terms of ranking and playoff importance...the Stamps have yet to prove in the past four years that they can win a big game, a game with meaning on the will be a test for sure....

I'm pretty sure Hufnagel and Burris will put a stop to the "us against the world" mentality. At least they will stop them from speaking publicly about it. Burris is a good leader he won't stand for that.