Hot Dancing Texans Cheerleaders

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When you click on some of the photos, including the twins as at the very bottom, you get to see them dance like strippers too.


Also I recommend Duyen who really knows how to ride well apparently and Ashley T and Brandi.

Overall I'd say a rating of 8.5 on the Vegas 10 scale having lived in Vegas to know personally as well. :thup:

Enjoy in the slow time before and after the game on Friday, as this forum needs more cheerleader posts anyway considering some of the bad August slow-time topics that hopefully now are thankfully history. :slight_smile:

And for you aspiring techies and experts like Jett out there, (hint hint hint), wouldn't it be great if some of the CFL cheer teams could copy this app? For all the boring projects you work on, that's gold in them thar hills for your work I say!