Hot coffee thown at Roughriders

This story is from the Leaderpost:

A rollercoaster season for rookie Roughriders receiver Cary Koch took an unexpected turn on a rollercoaster Thursday.

Koch and three teammates — defensive linemen Shomari Williams, Ikenna Ike and Brent Hawkins — decided to go for a ride on the indoor rollercoaster at the West Edmonton Mall on Thursday. Koch said his teammates are big men and fitting them into the seats took some extra time getting them settled.

Once they had started rolling, an unidentified child in a blue hoodie threw coffee at the men in the rollercoaster.

"I recorded the whole thing and we're screaming — then we get hit with hot coffee,'' Koch said Friday. "We got coffee in our faces. Brent was so mad because he got hot coffee in his mouth. He was infuriated.''

Another civilian in the front of the ride was also hit by the coffee. Hawkins and the man chased after the kid, but weren't able to catch him.

"We ended up getting our money back,'' Koch said. "Brent's hoodie was covered in coffee. It was a good prank and it's pretty funny now.''

Koch said the season has been similar to the ride at the Mall.

"It has been a rollercoaster,'' Koch said. "We had four straight losses (and) then came back to play some great football. I've been on and off the practice roster, personally. Just being here is a dream come true.''

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...couple of things about this story...

...Bombers or Argos are automatically implicated...OR an Als fans in disguise?, hmmmmm, interesting

...well, he is a lineman after all, but the perp was a child, c'mon Hawkins, a child! how are you going to chase Avon when he comes calling?...

...I hope to God he means the Grey Cup and not the West Edmonton Mall....

It is a pretty nice mall. I got my Oilers jersey there. :smiley:

You just added more suspects to the list. An Eskimo fan wearing his Oiler hoodie.

It's a kid no big deal though they should know better than to throw hot coffee.

Now if the kid had been wearing green and it was the Als on the rollercoaster, well all hell would have broken out on this forum by now.

Valid point.

Hilarious point. :lol: :lol: :lol:

if they are not talking about west ed... they clearly have not made it to the water park yet :lol: