Hot Cheerleaders

Anybody over in Hamilton checking out the Cat cheerleaders that were on The Howard Stern Show yesterday? "They danced like strippers!" Might be worth the drive afterall

Definitely weren't the Argo Girls as they look like they are 12 this year!!! Holy cow I feel illegal for looking at them. But I did find this on

We're forbidden to talk about it in ticats chat. Any post that even references "cheerleaders" gets zapped. I told them that such a policy will incur the unwanted attention and wrath of Stern, but they don't seemed to have heeded the warning. Now Stern's sending his Canadian field reporter to investigate, and yesterday he spent alot of airtime on the subject, calling the Ticats organization "pussies" (among other things) for suspending the cheerleaders in question.

As another post mentioned, good thing they didn't say argos $uck while they were in studio, or there'd be warrants out for their arrest right now.

Haven't met a cheerleader I DIDN'T like!