Sorry - But it has become abundantly clear that you guys do not know how to resolve this issue. 7 days to resolve an issue that never should have existed?

It almost seems that the slowness is some sort of light hearted joke, that is completely acceptible to continue on with ... This better be resolved quickly - the first time TSN runs a show or commercial that references .. you guys will be doomed. You think the site is slow now ... just wait.

You do realize that there are 14 year old boys and girls that have postnuke websites with pnphpBB being hosted in their basements, that recieve more traffic and have better response times than this site !? ... Maybe you guys should be scavanging the teenage bloggers for assistance - its become rather clear that you are in over your heads.

If you truly believe that the problem exists when the transition from Linux to Solaris and to Sun hardware occured - why haven't you backed that change out, and hosted it on a Linux box untill you've resolved your issues with Sun?? Why would you even develop a site on a different platform in the first place?? This wreaks of inexperience.

Bottom line - this is an embarassment. Neither the CFL.CA or the fans should have to 'be patient' ... There are literally hundreds of companies that CAN do this kind of development and hosting properly ...

I wish you the best of luck .. it appears you'll need it.

ya....uh thanks for that, and thanks for the creativity of coming up with an absolutely orignal name that hasnt been used in this forum before; and by the way, it has gotten better, and is quite bearable and enjoyable now.

My name??? StatiK76 is a username i've used since the late 80s / early 90s in Winnipeg's BBS community ... you assclown. Or are you referring to the 'title/subject' of my message? Is it a lack of creativity on my part .. or is their a problem with the 'hosting' - which has caused multiple people to post messages regarding the 'hosting' ??

And if you think this site is running at an acceptible speed - you've got a hell of a surprise coming by the time the season kick off ... There is 114 users on the site currently, and its dog slow dude .. if you can't recognize this ... you're already beyond help.

To the person hurling insults at other members and the admins, I think your posts are un-called for and do nothing to help out the situation. I've been in Ron's presence when he's pulled off 'puter miracles under very stressful circumstances so I'm confidant he will solve this one too. It's obviously a problem which is hiding itself and will take some more time to suss the meantime, breath deep, relax and revel in the fact that spring has finally sprung!......



Go Cats!

yes... i was refering to the title of this topic, which is exactly the same(capitals included) to another on this forum. as for the speed, why would i be complaining about what its gonna be in a few months. im talking about right now, and im sayin its fine. when a website first comes up it tends to be a little slow, but it is a lot better now. I'm sure it has little to nothing to do with the hosting.

I think you are the assclown for having an IQ of about 40.

The only miracle your boyfriend Ron has been able to pull off - is somehow managing to stay employed during this mess. If this haden't been a website I visit every freakin day .. I doubt i'd care. Whatever ... ** sigh ** ...

Hey Edmonton32001 - 85 posts in 6 days dude? Get out much?

Its Eskimos32001 to you bud...and as a matter of fact...I dont get out much. and i post like 10 times whenever I'm on here, so i just amke the most of my time..I'm........dedicated.


I don't think I'll do much here to dignify your post with a response other than to say, I've met Ron's wife and even if I leaned the way you suggest, I wouldn't be much in the way of competion for her..........hahahaha ...(picturing Ron splitting his sides laughing now)

Now, I'll gracefully disengage here and once again throw my complete support behind the Admins and techies.......they'll figure this out! me!

Have a great Evening Everyone!......

And be nice !


StatiK76, If you’re trying to get yourself banned, keep it up.