Hosting the Grey Cup

I would like to know if there are any minimum standards required for a city to host the Grey Cup? If so, what are they?

The reason I am asking is because I went to my first Grey Cup last year in Toronto. It was the most enjoyable sports experience I have ever had. Toronto put tremendous time and effort towards the event. I was truly looking forward to coming to Montreal this year. To say the least I am very disappointed with the venue in Montreal. I spoke with many people who attended and heard allot of ill words about the how Montreal hosted "The biggest sporting event of the year". The lack of a tailgate party on Grey Cup Sunday was shameful. I certainly hope Calgary does a better job hosting the 97th Grey Cup.

Those who had ill words are prob those who would never be happy no matter what happened

Don't worry about Calgary putting on a great show. The Alberta Cities always put on the best Grey Cups!

Im having a great time in Montreal, only thing I was dissapointed in so far the half time.

theory of a dead man???? what the...

i think there are far better canadian bands to choose from then those clowns.

but on the topic note i will say the grey cup village could of been better i thought it was a little boring. i stopped in there after being in riderville/tigertown and it seemed like everyone was asleep. just sorta sitting around not doing much. the stampeder breakfast was good though at the village.

and i was surprised that there was no grey cup parade, weird, but yet they had a santa parade. they could of gave each team a float for the santa parade at least.

but overall it was a good time.

Personnal I think that things were not overly bad. I think they could have done more things at the convention center so people would not have to freeze for no reason as was done in Toronto. The thing that got me was when we got to the stadium early to hopefully enjoy some type of entertainment as many others did, there was nothing there. This should be avoided at upcoming events.

i liked the way toronto did it as well by having everything in the convention centre which was right downtown. Place Bonaventure in montreal would of worked the same way, but i guess having the outdoor villiage was good advertising but who wants to freeze their buts off?

i found it weird as well that there was nothing going on at the stadium. but for montreal not being a big CFL town they did an ok job and will probably learn from their mistakes and successes from holding this event for another one, whenever that may be. some other cities may be more cfl crazy but nothing beats watching the grey cup in a dome in november.

my list of good and bad from montreal's hosting:

-fun city, lots of things to do besides the grey cup events
-got to meet some good alouette fans
-tsn broadcasting for the days leading up to the cup at the villiage

-the outdoor village (too cold and not much there)
-no events at the stadium before the game
-where were the schooners?
-no grey cup parade

The village!
Are you blaming Montreal for the weather? Its supposed to be cold in November
What time were you there. It was non-stop partying at night

The events at the stadium....
There was a football game being played

The Schooners...

The parade....
There was a Santa Clause Parade!