hostel environment test

This game is important to prove that we can win in a hostel environment.
I believe if we beat the bombers in their own park in a do-or-die situation for them we can beat the AL's under
the same circumstances.
But If we lose this game i believe we don't have a chance in hell of beating Montreal.

SO DO WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??????????????????????????WE WILL SEE!


Bummer fans are saying it's close to sell out.. you know they will try to be as loud as possible in honour of Glenn... I think we still prevail!!

Mods please at least fix the title, if not the opening post. . I do believe he means "hostile".

I thought that spelling error was pretty funny...especially given that a 'hostel' environment is usually fairly comforting. A sanctuary, if you will!!

Ahhh, grammar. A lost art.

I thought it was more of an inn environment.

Canad Inns