Hossa's out.... Heatley's in... Your thoughts?

Sad to see Hossa leave. Proven all star who used to scare the crap out of Leaf fans when he stepped over the blue line with the puck.

But with Heatley we get another big goal scorer and speed and and and... so much potential....

good pick up for the sens, and this is from a leafs fan, but to be honest with you, i think the sens got rid of the wrong player. It should have been alfredsson going the other way. Hossa has a tonne of potential and hasn't even hit his prime yet.

It had to be done, we couldn't keep Hossa he wanted too much money. Just be thankful we got a guy like Heatley in return! de Vries was a real good defensemen too with playoff experience winning the Cup with Colorado but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the future of the team.

Go Senators Go!

Ottawa would have kept hossa if had agreed to the 25 million deal.He wanted more so the managment said thats it they have had it and they moved him.

Yes now how will the Sens be with the addition of him? vs the loss of Hossa?

In other words, what do we get and what do we loose?

Hossa never played well when it counts in the play-offs, he had a some good series but nothing consistent like he does in the regular season, but then there's heatley! he is one hell of a player and hasnt even had his best season yet, i tihnk this is a huge addition for the sens, the only concern id have is their goaltending, DH is still a question mark in my mind, i hope he can pull it through for you guys! im a oilers fan, but as long as its a canadian team winning the cup! i dont care! GO CANADA!

The Leafs won't be making the playoffs this year, and Vancouver chokes no matter what so right now we can pray to see either Calgary or Edmonton in the finals vs Ottawa or Montreal I don't care who wins as long as the cup comes back to Canada. 2 years of the cup rusting away in Tampa is a complete travesty to not only our game, but our lifestyle. Get that cup back up here now!!!

In my opinion Heatley is the perfect edition despite what Leafs fan think they know. Ottawa lacked good Canadian scoring and now they got it, I don't see anyone stopping them now as long as Hasek stays healthy. Who do we have in back up now? We shipped Marty Prusek to Columbus I believe.

The back-up will be Marc Emery. He's got a temper and doesn't mind roughing it up, Hextall style. He's played AHL for the past 2-3 yrs.
He's young so he probably he's a year or two of backup duty to prepare him for the big game. I'm not sure if Dominic, with his flopping style, is the right guy for him to be mentored by, but I guess that's why they have goalie coaches...

Actually, his name is Ray Emery. He is better at controlling his anger. He was CHL goalie of the year a few years ago with the Soo.

It's a good move for the Sens. I was sad to see Hossa go, but he just demanded too much money. With guys like Havlat and Spezza on their way up - and needing long-term deals after this season - this team simply could not sustain itself if it paid Hossa what he wanted.

Packaging Hossa with de Vries was a great move, as he was just making too much money ($2.25M). With the salary cap being what it is, and the quality of our defensive corps, de Vries had to go.

I'm really excited about Heatley in Ottawa. Apparently Sens fans are too, as ticket sales got a nice jolt after the announcement of his signing. He gives us star potential (if he's not already there), as well as great Canadian leadership.

As for Gades' comment that we traded the wrong guy and should've given them Alfredsson instead, there's no way Atlanta would've made that move. I don't think they would take Alfredsson and Havlat for Heatley.

Alfe aslo has a non trade clause so he would not have gone.

What I don't understand out of all of this is why no one cares that this guy heatley killed someone?

But mention the name Bertuzzi and people get a hate on like you can't believe?

Is it because they think tha there for the grace of god go I, because they sometimes drive fast too? Believe me if you did 120 miles an hour in a 40 mile an hour zone with liquor on your breath and killed someone. You'd be behind bars for a long long time. (Unless your a Russian Diplomat of course)

So, what gives, they never sucker punch anyone before.

There are several differences, and I'm not saying I prefer one side over the other. A few:

Bertuzzi's offense occured during a game - it was a personal attack during a professional level game, whereas Heatley's was an act which occured far from the playing surface.
Heatley appeared to be genuinely remorseful, whereas several people felt Bertuzzi's grief to be contrived.
The victim's family, in the Heatley case, forgave him for his wrongdoing. Bertuzzi's victim has not. When the family forgives the guilty party, public opinion tends to sway.

In an area where I lived a few years ago, an aquaintance of mine drove while drunk - speeding - late at night - carload of passengers - one died during an accident. Said person spent about six months behind bars plus probation. Doesn't make it right, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

You can't compare the two cases. They are totally different. Besides - no one ever said they didn't care that Heatley killed someone, and not everyone hates Bertuzzi. I still like Bertuzzi, but I dispise what he did. Doesn't change my opinion of him as a player.

The main difference is intent. Bertuzzi attacked Moore in order to hurt him. Moore already got filled in by May earlier in the game, but that wasn’t enough for Bertuzzi, especially since his team was getting their a$$es kicked that night, so he wanted to beat him up again. When Moore would not oblige, he punched him from behind like a bully/idiot/coward.

Heatley acted stupidly, but there certainly was no intent to hurt (or kill) Snyder. Plus, the Snyder family immediately came to Heatley’s defense and supported him. Heatley made the biggest mistake of his life and will have to live with causing his friend to die. While he shouldn’t have driven so recklessly, he is still a young guy who made a mistake. And being that he is somewhat of a celebrity, he is able to speak to kids about the mistakes he made and it will mean something to them.

The two are really not comparable.

As for your comment that Heatley had alcohol in his system, I don’t believe that that is fact. From what I have heard and read, Heatley had nothing more than trace amounts of alcohol in his system. He’d be in jail if he had been drinking…

Healey did not have anything to drink or drugs.Keep in mind heatley is serving his sentance he has to give 150 speaches and has to go the atlanta police once a month.Aslo healey did not kill snyder dan dies form injurys and yes there is a difference.

Reckless driving can carry with it a manslaughter charge at times, jaydog, which means that you killed someone, but not intentionally. Yes, Heatley did "kill" Snyder - but indirectly by his actions.

Which seems to me is criminal negligence.
I think it should have carried a manslaughter charge but under the important persons act it didnt.

I am not saying he did not kill some one he did but not like some are making out to be.

jaydog, I see where you're coming from, but can you see how it's easy for someone else to think you're disagreeing with my statement when you say, "Aslo healey did not kill snyder"? I'm happy you clarified in your last post, but that quote I just cited is what I used when I came up with my comment to you.

isn't this a cfl forum - post this crap on an nhl site or other hockey site. i LOVE hockey, but if i want to read about it, i'll go a hockey site!!!