Horse collar

I love the fact the rider fans complained about Brandon Browner's horse collar. But low and behold guess what happens in thegame last night. Rider player clearing does the same thing to Summers. Yup that proves just one thing it can happen. That rider is a dirty player.

That's what you do to horses, ya collar them! (sorry bad joke, I'm on about 2 hours sleep today).

Yeah, I saw that and it happened right in front of me in that section, the buzz in the stands was he was lucky he didn't get called. Although I don't think it was actually seen by the angles, it probably looked more like a jersey pulldown. But bring right behind the TSN camera, I think it was definalty a collar.

Actually if you look closer Summers was pulled down by his hair...painful but legal

Actually the dirty face mask was more of a problem...

Redwhite can you do this? Take off your Stamps hat. Think about Berman. Season over on a horse collar tackle. Torn achilles.

Riders fans didnt see green when Garguli was hurt. We saw this. A player who might never play football again. It was sad. It was wrong. Browner is not Jiminez. But he horse collared Berman. It is illegal. And Berman may never play again. Browner also did this. Facemasked Heard in his 1st Rider start. Knee injury.

Quit thinking red and white. Think right and wrong.

The reason I point this out is that some of the rider fans feel it only can be done by other teams. It can happen and too all teams.

I do not think so thats not what the reply showed. I was at the game but I have the luxury of watching on TV as well.

Of course it was but why are rider fans b#tching about Browner when we can see that it happens and can happen by any team. Does this mean McKenzie is a dirty player as well. No the same as Browner it was unfortunate he tackled the guy like that but dirty player no.

It is unfortunate that he was injured no doubt about it. The play was not intentional. If you feel Browner rates this status then I guess McKenzie fits that bill as well. Did I mention the Summers was injured as well but not as serious does it make it any better. You can not have one guy labeled and the other go scott free because he has a green uniform on. What I am saying to you is they went tackle a guy high around the shoulders and unfortunately it became a horse collar do to the momentum of the player running away. It can happen McKenzie did it as well. This is football Austin not ballet. Look to even put Mckenzie or Browner in the same sentence of Jiminez is foolish and you not that.

I have to agree with redwhite here this is football and head to head pad to pad contact! some times it looks intentional when a team gets behind and may take frustrations out on hits! Every team is guilty here at 1 time or another but, you have to remember these guys are runnin full tilt and getting a hand or arm on someone could end up looking way worst depending on which way the bodies hit the turff! I remember when I played ball coach used to call me a headhunter because I would often extend my arm to get a piece of a QB or back flyin by me full speed. My point is some times you reach out and get more than you wanted or needed!LOL

Ok Blacklion I'll buy that.

But how many of these types of plays should be allowed to any one player in one game.

Once in a while... I guess it can be accepted but 3 or 4 times in one game coming from the same player is getting a little suspicious IMO.

So then if Browner is guitly I presume McKenzie for the riders is a dirty player because he did the exact same thing. The point is they were tackling a player and sometimes when they reach out they grab the wrong area. In both McKenzies and Browners cases this is true. With Jiminez that was away from the play and unnecessary right. How in the world can you look at the two cases in the same light is beyond me By the way Summers was injured as well does this mean McKenzie is a dirt bag. To me they are not that is part of football. I believe in both cases it was not a deliberate attempt to injure.

OH please this is tackle football not ballet!

I have noticed that since the Horse collar rule has been made, it has not been called very often.

I am not sure why this is. I have seen many no-calls. Every one I see I say, "He horse-collared him!"

And please stop saying Rider fans are complaining as though we share a brain.

I am a Rider fan and I am not complaining.