Horse Collar Tackles

Ok, so there were quite a few call I didn’t like yesterday.

1st the OPI call on Lawler, this was terrible and ruined another great catch by Lawler.
2nd the “incomplete pass” by Collaros - that should have been ruled a fumble.
3rd the horsecollar tackle that WJ was flagged for in the 2nd Q.

I was I think the only one in the GDT that didn’t like it, but I just watched it again (over and over) and I still don’t like it. This came into effect because pulling a player down & backwards could be a dangerous play. I think both horsecollar penalties yesterday were weak (Lawler had a player do one to him as well).

In WJ’s case he started at the shoulder pad, and his hand gets ahold of the jersey at the neck. he doesn’t pull down, and another Bomber makes the tackle.

So is this call now the same as a facemask call, that anytime a player’s hand gets ahold of that area its a penalty?

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As explained last night, and this is not a new rule or interpretation, it is analogous.

If you use a facemask or horse collar for advantage in a play, EVEN if you are not the tackler or on the tackle on the play, it is still a penalty.

The same would apply for example also for sake of the old school and rarely seen head slap tactic and any given other outlawed tactics in play.

You don’t like it we know, but those are existing rules and how it has been called when the calls were not missed.


So are you saying that Evans being a QB had no impact here? That this would still have been a penalty if it were a RB or WR?

I need to watch the OPI against Lawler again. I thought it looked pretty obvious.


Well of course on the pass rush, there are often more players involved than on a tackle of a ball carrier, but the rule is the same for any players when the violation is observed irrespective of who makes the tackle or pursuit.

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Here I agree as it seems do most. I thought we were going to be in for home cooking last night after that one, but that didn’t happen.


I have to disagree. Almost everygame there are tackles where the hand gets in that neck collar/name plate area, and often there is no penalty.
I’ve always thought it was ment to be for when it looks like a dangerous play (the pulling backwards & down).
I didn’t think either were that yesterday

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Just because it’s not called because it was missed does not make it not a penalty, such that it will be called when seen.

I think you are just homering now.

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It was not and that is correct. But you don’t understand the part that the tactic is illegal and a penalty EVEN if used to gain an advantage irrespective of result.

See head slap, clothes line, and so forth.

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It’s not being a homer when I’m saying I didn’t like the one that was in my favour either.
I’m just saying I feel like the rule is being diluted. I guarenttee we’ll see something similar this weekend.

Yes and because the tactic itself is against the rules, when called it will be a correctly called penalty even when not on your team.

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I would hope that same call would be made for a receiver or RB, yes.

Incidentally, the OPI against Lawler was also a correct call.

The Collaros incompletion should have been a fumble.

Technically every call is a correct call, unless overturned.
But they are all open to interpretation.
I would have a hard time calling that a “pushoff”

I think you are in the minority there. I know I certainly would have flagged Lawler on that play

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I know I’m in the minority here, I stated as much in my 1st post.

I’m in the camp that thinks there are too many penalties, and that they should only be when it is a blatant foul. I also hate when there are so many inconsistantcies in these calls.


I agree that there are too many flags on borderline infractions away from the play, but in that, I am referring to illegal contact at 7 yards, on the opposite side of the field, when the contact is so minor as to not even break the receiver’s stride. Or PI when both players have a shot at the ball.

On matters of player safety, such as horsecollars, spearing, facemasks, and clips, the flag should alway be thrown.

You are correct in that CFL officiating is woefully inconsistent, including when replay is used. This really hurts the league’s credibility.


There are certainly many camps. I see it mostly that way but not entirely.

Not enough of the material penalties are called.

Though you disagree clearly with most fans, the command centre, and the officials, that horse collar grab greatly affected the play as would certain other outlawed tactics, as noted above, would on most any play.

Of course when those tactics take place AFTER the play, they can still be called as objectionable conduct because they simply are along with all the safety reasons for such a tactic to have been outlawed some time ago.

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Ok, I know its Wiki, but still, just read the 1st paragragh.
Neither “horsecollar” call were violently pulled downward

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I posted this in the game thread, but for those who didn’t see it, here is the horsecollar rule, pasted from the CFL rulebook

Article 4 — Unnecessary Roughness

A player shall be penalized for any act of unnecessary roughness against an opponent, including but not limited to:

  1. Tackling an opponent by grabbing the inside collar of the side or back of the shoulder pads, or jersey

The CFL rule book was quoted last night.

And now your fishing expedition goes to Wiki?