as we all know the dreaded Arhols beat the beloved Cats. I lose 1.5 hours of work to get home to watch it.

than last night the dreaded Seaguls crushed my Giants. AND to make matters worse i had to chose between the Giants game and the season premiere of The Walking Dead. i chose wrong grrrrr :oops:

on top of all this i have to work today :thdn:

anyone else have a crap weekend?


my misery loves your company :cry:

As important as that game was, the season is not over. Take heart!!!

i will sir.

but if there was a penalty to be called over my horrible weekend it would be "excessive piling on" which, i think, is 15 yards and an automatic first down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some beer and wings (or your favourite munchies) might help with that.

hahaha left overs from turkey dinner in the lunch box. yum :thup:

My World Cup Champs went down in a 2016 Euro Qualifier to Poland
The Polish A team beat the German B team. Germany has 4 stars injured and Captain Bastian Schweinsteiger missing also:( but we play Ireland on Tues live on Sportsnet at 2:45pm
**** :rockin:

Happy the Maple Laughs lost twice :lol:

If anything comes out last Fridays game with the Arsh*&^% the coaches and players must realize they must provide a full 60 minute effort. The game should also serve as a wake up call. The rest of the season is in the coaches and players hands and I sincerely hope they run the table and host the eastern final and crush whoever is their opponent!

lol. is that soccer?

the laughs losing is pretty sweet though

here here! :thup:

Mixed - mostly bad sports weekend for me. Cats, Bills, Leafs, TFC lose - Notre Dame win and Leafs bounce back last night to somewhat salvage my weekend. So for the weekend - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: with :thup: :thup:

@ryan3434 - my heart goes out to Victor Cruz after he tore his patellar tendon on a TD attempt. At first I thought "WTF? Eli must REALLY want to get out of NY if his receivers won't catch balls and his line won't block; VERY similar to AC!", but then I saw him grab his knee as he was falling. I thought it was his ACL for sure on the replays (my leg buckled like that too). He could be gone until the beginning of the 2016 season, if ever. Just ask Peter Dyakowski...

BTW - would anybody else like to see Eli play for the Raiders?

I don't really follow the NFL anymore It's the NO FUN LEAGUE !
As for Soccer which is Football in other parts of the world it's the most watched sport in the world , the World Cup Final is the most watched game in the world! $$$$$

TFC - is a real mess :frowning: :thdn:

very odd and unfortunate play. i don't doubt with todays rehabbing he'll be back stronger than ever.

just messin with you Cats99.

i watch soccer.........

when i need a good nap j/k :wink:

yah my proline ticket was horrible as well 1 win! i shoulda just threw the 10 dollars out the window.

don't you know the difference between a seagull and an eagle???

No sir whats the dif?